In 1907, the Royal Society of Medicine merged with 15 medical societies, which led to the creation of Sections and Forums. It established the RSM as a multi-disciplinary Society that covers all the major specialties and topics of interest in medicine and healthcare.

Today, the RSM has 50+ Sections spanning a breadth of medical specialties, each of which are supported by Section Councils. Together the Section Councils are responsible for planning the majority of the RSM’s education programme.

Volunteer to become a member of a Section Council

Section Councils play a pivotal role at the RSM and we are always looking for members who would like to get involved.

As a Section Council member, you can help highlight important topics in medicine and healthcare that require further exploration and learning through educational training and events.

As well as providing opportunities for teaching and mentoring the next generation of doctors, you can benefit from networking with like-minded colleagues and the chance to enhance your own CV.

Selection process

If you interested in joining a Section Council, please email the relevant Section to express your interest along with your CV. Our full list of Section Councils is listed below.

Each Section has a criteria and selection process. Once your request is sent, a Council representative will get in touch to ask for further information about yourself and let you know if your application is successful.

Please don't worry if you are not successful; in some instances the Section Council you are interested in joining may not immediately need extra volunteers or they may have filled their requirements for new Council members who meet a specific skill set.

Contact a Section President

Clinical Forensic & Legal Medicine Section

President: Dr Helena Thornton


Clinical Neurosciences Section

President: Dr Hadi Manji


Food & Health Forum

President: Mr Anthony Mander


General Practice with Primary Healthcare Section

President: Dr Andrew Papanikitas


History of Medicine Society

President: Professor Stephen James Challacombe


Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine Section

President: Dr Deborah Mairs-Houghton


Obstetrics & Gynaecology Section

President: Dr Davor Jurkovic


Open Section

President: Dr Paquita de Zulueta (ending March 2020) / Dr Robina Shah (commencing March 2020)


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Section

President: Mr Mehmet Manisali


Pain Medicine Section

President: Dr Louise Clark


Retired Fellows Society

President: Dr Richard Lansdown


Sexuality & Sexual Health Section

President: Dr Huda Taha


Sport & Exercise Medicine Section

President: Dr Ajai Seth


Vascular, Lipid and Metabolic Medicine Section

President: Professor Saroj Das