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Read our information for journalists, latest media releases and how to contact the media office.

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is a registered charity and membership organisation. ​Our vision is better healthcare for better lives. By sharing learning and supporting innovation our goal is to be the leading provider of continuing learning to healthcare professionals.

We deliver multidisciplinary, specialist and general education, as well as professional development, drawing on the support of leading experts in over 50 specialist areas of medicine.

We are home to one of the finest physical and digital medical libraries in the world. Our learning resources span a wide collection of books, journals, electronic journals and online medical databases.

We connect those involved in and interested in healthcare and, by leveraging expertise from across the RSM, we support, help and inspire the innovators developing the medical products and services of tomorrow.

Contact the media office

To request a press pass or to inquire about press releases, JRSM papers or filming on RSM premises, contact:

Rosalind Dewar, Media Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1580 764 713
Mobile: +44 (0)7785 182732

Latest media releases

PEQ04 Promo

World leading expert to explore wonder of hormones in celebration of 100 years of insulin

Distinguished UK endocrinologist, Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly, to deliver flagship lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine

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COVID-19: Governments must stop vaccine cost secrecy Promo

COVID-19: Governments must stop vaccine cost secrecy

Globally affordable COVID-19 vaccines will remain inaccessible without governments' transparency on their cost. 

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Kamran Abassi - promo

Dr Kamran Abbasi recognised as influential Black, Asian and minority ethnic leader

Dr Kamran Abbasi, editor of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, has been named by the HSJ as one of the 50 most influential Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in health.

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Covid-19-vaccination-and-children - Promo

New analysis shows benefits of offering two doses of COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 12-17 clearly outweigh risks

30 September 2021

A new analysis of the risks and benefits of offering two doses of COVID-19 vaccination to all 12-17 year olds in England shows that the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, given the current high case rates.

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Suicide rates fell in Canada during pandemic despite rise in unemployment

23 September 2021

The results of research into suicide rates in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic show that rates fell despite a simultaneous increase in unemployment.

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Zoonotic threats must be integrated into global health security planning, say experts

6 August 2021

The surveillance of zoonotic diseases must be integrated into health security intelligence systems, if future pandemics are to be handled effectively, according to global health practitioners writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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New 10-year patient safety analysis highlights areas for improvement in acute medical units

5 August 2021

New research by Cardiff University and University College London, from a new 10-year analysis of patient safety incidents in hospital acute medical units across England and Wales, recommends to include the introduction of electronic prescribing and monitoring systems, checklists to reduce diagnostic errors, and an increased presence of senior clinicians and pharmacists overnight.

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Royal Society of Medicine welcomes new Honorary Fellows and medal winners

28 July 2021

A special ceremony was held at the Royal Society of Medicine on Tuesday 27 July to induct the Society’s new Honorary Fellows and to formally inaugurate Professor Roger Kirby as President of the RSM.

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Latest press notes

Press note: 15 November

Mariella Frostrup, London Global Cancer Week, and achieving gender equality

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Press note: 8 November 2021

The trend in restricted eating, and using exercise to treat sleep disorders

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Press note: 21 October 2021

David Spiegelhalter and statistics; Leonardo da Vinci and the human anatomy; and Jeremy Hunt and the government’s response to the pandemic

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Press note: 15 October 2021

Making the invisible, visible; the secret life of special advisers; and the new 5-year strategy for the RSM

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Press note: 7 October 2021

Cannabis to manage pain, in conversation with Sanjeev Bhaskar, and the impact of COVID-19 on diabetes patients.

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Press note: 4 October 2021

The loss of smell and taste, and how historical pandemics compare to COVID-19.

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Press note: 27 September 2021

Genetics of gender identity, from bombs to botulism, and a masterclass on sustainable healthcare.

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Press note: 20 September 2021

Vaccines, variants and infection, craniopagus twin separation and training women in the Armed Forces.

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Past media releases

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