In the central atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine a series of floor to ceiling glass panels are inscribed with the names of doctors, nurses, surgeons and other professionals from across the spectrum of medicine and healthcare.

This is the Wall of Honour - and it's open to you.

Wall of honour - close up with number

Making a dedication

Making a dedication on the Wall of Honour gives you an opportunity to honour someone important to you from the world of medicine and healthcare.

It could be a family member, friend or mentor who inspired you in your career, a GP, hospice or hospital worker you admire, even the person who delivered your children or grandchildren.

They don’t need to be an RSM member, or even still working; it can also be a tribute to someone who has recently retired or passed away.

Wall of Honour - virtual wall

Virtual Wall of Honour

The person you nominate is automatically added to our Virtual Wall of Honour.

This is a place for relatives, friends and colleagues to share photographs, tributes, stories, anecdotes and memories of the person who has been honoured.

Visit the Wall of Honour website

How to arrange an inscription

To permanently honour a colleague, mentor or family member, we ask for a one-off donation of £2,500 (reduced to £2,000 if the person nominating is an RSM member). These funds are then invested in medical education, so the person being honoured continues to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals.

If you would like to arrange an inscription or find out more about the Wall of Honour, please contact our CEO at or call the CEO Executive PA, Joanna Rose, on 020 7290 2990.

You can also complete our Wall of Honour donation form and send it back to us. Once you have submitted your donation, the RSM will be in touch to arrange the inscription.