The Royal Society of Medicine was established in 1805 and granted a Royal Charter by His Majesty King William IV in 1834.

Further Supplemental Charters were approved in 1907 and 1999 and it is through this Royal Charter and the By-Laws that the RSM is governed.


The RSM Council is the governing body of the RSM. It is responsible for ensuring that the RSM has a clear strategic plan in accordance with the Royal Charter and holds the Executive Team to account.

The Council is currently made up of 12 elected members and up to six co-opted members; these members are the Trustees. Collectively they are responsible for the financial, legal and business operations of the RSM.

Council meets at least four times a year and is governed by the Charter and By-Laws. The Dean and Chairman of the Audit Committee also attend Council.

Terms of Office

The President’s term of office is three years, and Trustees usually serve a four-year term, although this can be extended in extreme circumstances by Special Resolution of Council.

Hilary De Lyon

Reverend Hilary De Lyon

Vice-President (2018 –2020)

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Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for delivering the academic and learning functions of the RSM by ensuring the Education Strategy is delivered through the RSM’s network of Sections. The Board’s remit also includes improving education initiatives and programmes.

The Chairman is elected by the members of the Academic Committee and, upon election, becomes a Trustee. The Board is currently chaired by Professor Nik Patel and comprises the Dean, the Presidents of Sections and ex officio members. They meet three times a year.

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Nik Patel

Professor Nik Patel

Chair of Academic Board and Trustee (2019-2022)

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the RSM and leading on the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Nigel Collett

Nigel Collett

Director of Operations Commercial Services

020 7290 2950

Joanna Rose

Joanna Rose

Charity Secretary and PA to President and Chief Executive
020 7290 2902