Gillian Leng is the Deputy Chief Executive at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and a visiting professor at King’s College London.

After training in medicine, she went on to spend several years researching the epidemiology of peripheral vascular disease at Edinburgh University. She specialised in public health medicine and worked as a consultant before moving to NICE in 2001. She was involved in the Cochrane Collaboration as it first became established, and still contributes as an editor to the EPOC Group (Effective Practice and Organisation of Care).

At NICE, Gillian has been responsible for the set up and running of the clinical guidelines programme, establishing the NICE implementation function, and for setting up NHS Evidence. More recently she has been responsible for establishing the NICE accreditation programme and for working on a Quality Standards initiative across health and social care.

She also sits on the English National Quality Board and the Leadership and Improvement Board, and is involved in research into guideline implementation and quality improvement at King’s College, London.