Welcome to the February 2022 issue of RSM Engage, a collection of the latest news and features for members of the Royal Society of Medicine. 

The issue begins with a day in the life of Professor Maggie Rae, influential public health leader and President of the RSM’s Epidemiology & Public Health Section. 

Professor Steven Brown gives us a glimpse into the work of the Coloproctology Section, we hear from RSM Honorary Fellow and ‘Father of Tamoxifen’ Professor Craig Jordan, and there’s a heads-up for the RSM’s COVID-19 Conference – Two Years On, taking place at the end of March. 

Two new papers from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine are featured, the first an analysis of the 48.9% increase in opioid-related hospital admissions and the second a commentary about the impact of the hostile environment on refugee and migrant health.

There's an interview with two leaders in healthcare on the impact of climate change, and an update on the partnership with RCSI Bahrain to provide their students, staff and newly qualified graduates with access to the RSM’s education and learning resources. 

There’s news too of the new Medicine and Literature library exhibition, a word on the latest public lecture at the RSM, and a reminder of the deadline for nominations for Trustee positions on the Council of the RSM. 

Finally, if your thoughts are turning to holidays, there’s a round-up of the travel benefits and discounts available through your RSM membership. 

Maggie Rae Promo

A day in the life of Professor Maggie Rae: President of the Epidemiology & Public Health Section

18 February 2022

Professor Maggie Rae describes her work as a public health leader and explains why a career in public health has so much to offer.

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Steve Brown Promo

Points north – spotlight on the Coloproctology Section

18 February 2022

Coloproctology Section President Professor Steven Brown talks about his plans to promote links with colleagues in northern cities, with free to attend events and networking opportunities. 

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Craig Jordan Promo

This much I’ve learnt: Professor Craig Jordan

09 February 2022

Professor Craig Jordan, the ‘Father of Tamoxifen’, on his fascination with oestrogen, dealing with the doubters and advice for young biomedical scientists.

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A sustainable NHS

18 February 2022

NHS Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr Nick Watts and the RSM's Professor Linda Luxon on how the NHS is a key player in the fight against climate change.

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RCSI Stephen Harrison-Mirfield Promo

RCSI Bahrain and the RSM working together

18 February 2022

Welcoming RCSI Bahrain students, faculty and newly qualified graduates to the RSM.

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New 10-year analysis indicates 48.9% increase in opioid-related hospital admissions Promo

New 10-year analysis indicates 48.9% increase in opioid-related hospital admissions

18 February 2022

A study led by researchers at the London School of Economics and published in JRSM, shows an increase in opioid misuse resulting in a significant rise of hospital admissions. 

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Health experts fear impact of deteriorating hostile environment Promo

Health experts fear impact of deteriorating hostile environment

18 February 2022

A group of experts and campaigners involved in refugee and migrant health highlight the importance of protecting patient rights as UK policies and government indicate a shift from a hostile environment to an abusive one. 

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COVID-19 Conference: Two years on

18 February 2022

This special three-hour programme, to be held two years after the first UK lockdown, will bring together leading authorities on COVID-19 to take stock of the pandemic’s impact and discuss the best approaches for the endemic stage and the next pandemic threat.

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Society news

Roger Promo

What it means to become an RSM Trustee

26 January 2022

With nominations open for elected Trustees to join the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, says that he cannot think of a more exciting time for individuals to consider putting themselves forward. 

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Professor Ranjit Manchanda Promo

Population genomics for cancer screening

18 February 2022

See the highlights from our latest public lecture: The London Clinic, delivered by Professor Ranjit Manchanda, Professor of Gynaecological Oncology and Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist.

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Medicine in literature

From Shakespeare to Shelley: How medicine influenced literature

18 February 2022

This new library exhibition will explore medical themes in literature and look at those who've left the world of medicine behind to become some of our best-loved wordsmiths.

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