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What it means to become an RSM Trustee

With nominations open for elected Trustees to join the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, says that he cannot think of a more interesting and exciting time for individuals to consider putting themselves forward. Here he explains what’s involved and how Trustees play an integral role in overseeing the RSM’s strategic goals.

On Monday 28 March nominations will close for the positions on the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine, the governing body of the Society. Our Trustees are collectively responsible for the strategic direction, financial health and probity of our activities and for developing our aims, objectives and goals in accordance with our Royal Charter and legal and regulatory guidelines.

With a strong and settled Senior Management Team and a clear vision for the future of our venerable 217-year old institution, this is a hugely exciting opportunity to help drive our future direction.

We have worked extremely hard to map out our strategy beyond the pandemic and into the future. All of us at the RSM are now guided by our vision of “Better Healthcare for Better Lives”, which will be delivered through the four key pillars of our strategy:

Education: delivering multi-disciplinary specialist and general education as well as professional development

Learning Resources: providing excellent healthcare resources

Networks: connecting those involved in and interested in healthcare

Innovation Support: leveraging expertise from across the RSM to help and inspire innovators

We are keen to encourage exceptional candidates with experience that can help support and implement our new strategy. In particular, we are looking forward to hearing from potential Trustees who can bring expertise to our Business Development, Governance, Remuneration, People & Culture, and Safety Committees.

While we require extensive time commitment from our Trustees, the work is deeply rewarding and you will be helping us fulfil our drive to provide healthcare education of the highest standard, both nationally and internationally.

For the last three years I have worked alongside my colleague Dr Claire Bayntun, who will be standing down as Trustee and Vice President later this year. She told me: “It has been a privilege to contribute to this historic institution, doing so on a mandate to develop and strengthen the culture at the RSM, to reflect the health sector and system of 2022.”

When asked what advice she would give to those contemplating going forward as a Council Trustee, Claire suggested considering these three questions:

  1. Achievement for the benefit of the RSM – What you can bring to support our current activities and address our challenges?
  2. Stimulation for positive progress – Alongside important governance experience and skills, can you deliver innovation and insights to strengthen the delivery of the RSM’s strategy?
  3. Sense of meaning, which strengthens resilience – Will you bring refreshed energy and ambition throughout the duration of your tenure?

As President of the Royal Society of Medicine, I urge you to consider joining us on Council. The future is bright!

Follow this link to hear from three current RSM Trustees 

Follow this link for more information about the nomination process.

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