ways of giving

For more information or to discuss a donation please contact the Membership Director, Janice Liverseidge on 0207 290 3930 or via janice.liverseidge@rsm.ac.uk.


Make a donation
One-off donations can be made by cheque payable to the Royal Society of Medicine (charity no. 206219). Annual donations can also be made to spread a gift over a number of years.



Leave a legacy
Charitable legacies are paid before tax is deducted, reducing the total amount of tax paid on the estate. Options include leaving a residuary bequest (a proportion of an estate), a pecuniary legacy (a specific financial sum) or a specific gift (something of particular financial value).



Give shares or securities
By giving a gift of shares or securities worth, say, £1,000, a donor can reduce a basic rate income tax bill by £220 and a higher rate tax bill by £400. There is also no capital gains tax to pay. This applies to many listed shares, unit trusts and investment trusts.