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The Royal Society of Medicine's Medical Innovation Summits has hosted a superb array of innovative and thought provoking speakers since the programme first began in 2008.

Speakers have included; 16 year old Krtin Nithiyanandam who developed an award-winning safety device to help elderly patients; Lord Saatchi speaking about legislation on medical innovations; award-winning teenagers Ameeta and Aneeta Patel who researched a new cancer bio-marker;  Nobel Prize winner Professor Elizabeth Blackburn speaking about telomeres and ageing; Science Minister David Willetts MP explaining government support for innovators; Surgeon and former government minister, Lord Darzi on innovations for patients and Regius Professor and biomedical engineer, Christopher Toumazou on the digital plaster.

Below you can find out more about our most recent speakers who have presented within the last year.

A full list of all medical innovation speakers who have presented at the RSM is also available as a downloadable PDF below in chronological and alphabetical order.

For further information about the programme, email or call 020 7290 3919.

most recent speakers 

Recent speakers have covered the following topics listed below. Videos from past summits are also available to watch on RSM Videos for free.

Samantha Payne Open Bionics: The next generation of bionics 
Dr Sonia Kumar, Dr Ravi Parekh and Ms Atisha Tank Using longitudinal learning to support the transformation from student to apprentice 
Professor Michael Hornberger and Maxwell Scott-Slade SeaHero Quest 
Dr Russell Razzaque and Mary Olson Open Dialogue in the NHS 
Professor Nicholas Dale and Professor Christina Roffe Development of a point of care purine test as a diagnostic aid for the recognition of stroke 
Dr Gordon Sanghera Power in your pocket: entering the DNA information age 
Karen Aiach and Dr Michel Zerah Pioneering Gene Therapies For Rare CNS Diseases 
Dr Ronald Brus myTomorrows: Improving access to pre-approval medicines 
Max Alexander-Wall and Keller Rinaudo Zipline: Lifesaving deliveries 
Professor Jackie Hunter CBE Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery 
Dr Christina Coughlin Immunotherapy of Cancer: T Cells Matter 
Dr Rowley Cottingham and Jonathan Weinberg Impossible requests and unfrying eggs: The CAERvest story 
Professor Eleanor Stride Engineering Microbubbles for Imaging and Therapy 
Dr Gavin Armstrong A simple innovation to change the world 
Miss Renuka Chintapalli Developing a predictive tool for identifying FLNc-associated biomarkers of oesophageal cancer metastasis
Dr Liberty Foreman and Dr Katie Oliver Streamlining diagnosis with BeamLine Diagnostics 
Ms Susanne Mitschke and Mr Patrick Renner MindMate
Dr Kris Famm and Dr Nishan Ramnarain Bioelectronic medicines: Bringing our nerves to bear
Mr Osman Kibar Regenerative Medicine Platform initiative 
Ms Liz Scarff, Mr Alexander Masters and Mr Dominic Nutt iCancer: The first crowd-funded cancer drug trial 
Dr Helen Lee A journey in developing point-of-care diagnostics for resource poor settings
Dr Alan Detton and Mr Niall Johnston Transforming medical learning and revolutionising patient education
Mr Hugo Lynch and Mr Richard Hindley Novel uses for medical imaging in the treatment of prostate cancer
Ms Edith Elliott and Mr Shahed Alam NooraHealth
Mr Shafi Ahmed

Virtual and augmented reality: The future of global surgery training

Ms Dallas Pounds Innovation in end of life care

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Medical innovations past speakers

Find out about which innovators the RSM has hosted since the programme began in 2008.

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