22 September 2005

Wellbeing: the arts and health Royal Society of Medicine

The Royal Society of Medicine is holding a meeting on Tuesday, 27 September 2005 to examine the ways arts activities can have a positive influence on health and wellbeing in individuals and within communities.

There will be an art exhibition and an all day programme, which includes presentations/performances on a range of topics covering the contribution of arts projects, architecture and music to health and wellbeing.

The meeting promises to be a unique event. ‘Music and the mind’ is the title of a talk and performance by Professor Paul Robertson - former leader of the Medici Quartet and now widely sought after as a speaker, as well as a performer.

There will also be a presentation about the Bromley by Bow Centre, a unique community initiative encompassing the arts and health. Another innovation will demonstrate how the wellbeing of children in hospitals can be influenced by helping them make music using a sound beam.

Paul Sogaard, a classical guitarist who is well known to many in the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, will talk and play to demonstrate the ergonomic and psychological aspects of performance.

The meeting is being held in association with the Royal Society of Medicine, the Music Society and the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine.

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