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RSM’s 2023/24 ENT education programme under the spotlight

To mark the start of the new academic year, two RSM Section Presidents have shared their ‘ear, nose and throat’ education programmes for the year ahead with the journal ENT & Audiology News.

Professor Peter Rea and Professor Claire Hopkins will become presidents of the Otology and Laryngology & Rhinology Sections on 1 October 2023.

The two sections work in tandem at the RSM, collaborating to create combined education programmes running throughout the year, covering a wide range of topics and drawing international speakers and leaders in the field from around the UK.

The programme will start on Friday 3 November when, during her Laryngology & Rhinology Section presidential address in the morning, Professor Hopkins will consider the evolution of endoscopic sinus surgery focusing on how careful case selection and the integration of novel therapies may improve outcomes for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. 

In his Otology Section presidential address later in the day, Professor Rea will explore the evolution of balance medicine within the context of a busy ENT practice, focusing on the fascinating interplay of peripheral balance control with central mechanisms and how a thorough understanding of this will enhance patient outcomes. 

The programme for the rest of the year includes sessions on the management of complications, optimising outcomes in emergency situations, innovations in ENT surgery and an exploration of new and emerging technologies.

See the whole 2023/24 ENT education programme.

See the full education programme at the RSM, spanning over 50 specialty sections.

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