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Tackling Inequalities

The conference

COVID-19 has shone a harsh light on health inequalities that persist in our society. With that, addressing healthcare inequalities has moved firmly up the priority list of leaders in the NHS, the wider healthcare sector, the community and in business.

In March 2022, the Royal Society of Medicine launched a multi-year ‘Tackling Inequalities' programme. The inaugural Tackling Inequalities conference, in partnership with NHS England focused on Core20PLUS5, an approach designed to support Integrated Care Systems to drive targeted action in healthcare inequalities improvement.

Tackling Health Inequalities in England - A selected chronology up to December 2022

This conference is hosted in partnership with NHS England.

If you are interested in becoming a partner for this conference or other activities which are part of our ‘Tackling Inequalities’ initiative, please contact

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AI must not worsen health inequalities for ethnic minority populations - Promo

AI must not worsen health inequalities for ethnic minority populations

20 July 2023

Scientists are urging caution before artificial intelligence (AI) models such as ChatGPT are used in healthcare for ethnic minority populations.

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FHR02 - Promo

Dietary inequality under the spotlight at the RSM

26 June 2023

Speakers from the healthcare professions, academia and the charity sector addressed topics including why poverty leads to a poor diet, the future of community food provision and the experience of paediatricians in understanding the causes of food insecurity.

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Risk of long COVID higher for people living in most deprived areas - Promo

Risk of long COVID higher for people living in most deprived areas

11 May 2023

New research has found that the risk of long COVID is strongly associated with area-level deprivation, with the odds of having long COVID 46% higher for people from the most deprived areas, compared to those in the least deprived areas.

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Dr Bola Owolabi - Promo

Clinical leadership is ‘mission critical’ to narrowing the health gap

12 January 2023

Professor Bola Owolabi calls on clinicians at Royal Society of Medicine conference to use their voices and influence to narrow the healthcare inequalities gap.

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Late diagnosis of cancer - promo

Why cancer screening needs to target the most at risk

03 October 2022

Late diagnosis of cancer can be a death sentence. What can be done to spread screening more equally across the country?

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Don’t dismiss women’s concerns about heart disease, cardiologists told at RSM event

29 September 2022

The damaging impacts of treating women’s heart health less seriously than men’s were underlined at the end of a day-long ‘State of the Art’ Cardiology training event at the Royal Society of Medicine on Tuesday (27 September 2022).

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Tackling Inequalities - Phase 2 - Promo

Inequalities ‘most significant threat’ to public health, warns Vice-President of Royal Society of Medicine

30 August 2022

Inequalities are the most significant threat to public health in the UK, a top doctor has warned ahead of a major conference at the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Hypertension inequalities feature promo

With health data at our fingertips, why don’t we know our blood pressure?

24 August 2022

Technology has put vast swathes of personal health data at our fingertips. We can monitor our weight, track exercise, measure sleep, count calories, so why don’t we routinely check our blood pressure? 

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Untangling the messiness of mental illness is key to tackling inequalities

03 August 2022

How we should deal with inequalities in severe mental illness is a uniquely challenging problem, but it is in everybody’s interests that we address this.

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Tackling Inequalities - Maternity Promo

When inequality is baked in before birth, it can’t remain a fringe concern

28 May 2022

Inequality shortens lives and severely impacts health outcomes, yet the evidence shows the health gap is widening. Doctors and patient advocates maintain that truly transformational change is possible if we begin to treat inequality as the urgent, serious health issue it is.

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Tackling inequalities: could Covid legacy be a great redistribution of health? Promo

Tackling inequalities: could Covid’s legacy be a great redistribution of health?

14 April 2022

The impact of COVID-19 highlighted inequalities in healthcare unlike ever before. Could this mean lasting change for the nation? 

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Austerity is worsening NHS waiting time inequality in Scotland Promo

Austerity is worsening NHS waiting time inequality in Scotland

Research shows Scottish government’s progress on reducing NHS waiting time inequality is being reversed due to 2010 austerity measures.

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