Memorial Board

Memorial Board header

We all know people who have devoted their lives to helping patients. We also may know people who worked in the medical or healthcare sector, for pharmaceutical companies, universities, in research or contributed in some way to helping others.

Perhaps they were a grandparent of yours, a parent or colleague? Like you, we don’t think their contribution should be forgotten.

With this in mind, The Royal Society of Medicine has installed a Memorial Board at its home, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE.

At the heart of the building on the ground floor, is our magnificent atrium, filled with natural light and sunshine. Facing the atrium is the new Memorial Board.

This is where you have the opportunity to inscribe the name of a loved one, or perhaps, someone you admired and respected.

Who can be included on the Memorial Board

The Memorial Board will carry the names of those who, before they passed away, worked in the medical or healthcare sectors (including related charities, organisations and institutions).

Both medically qualified and non-medically qualified people may be commemorated on the board.

The majority of the people honoured on the board are likely to have been members of the Royal Society of Medicine. However the board is not exclusively reserved for members.

Your inscription

Since space is limited the RSM has set a format for inscriptions on the Memorial Board.

The inscription can include a title (e.g. Dr, Professor, Mr, Mrs), first name, surname, year of birth and year of death. A middle initial (or initials) may be included if space allows.

Here are two examples of the format:
Professor David H Latimer 1886-1965
Dr Usha K Patel 1935-2002


Arranging an inscription on the memorial board

The quickest and most efficient method of arranging an inscription is to contact Paul Summerfield at The Royal Society of Medicine, by emailing or calling 020 7290 3930.

You will be sent an application form to complete and once everything has been received by the RSM the inscription will be arranged.

The inscription form can also be downloaded, completed and posted back to the Membership Department, The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE.

If you are a UK tax payer, the payment form must be sent as a hard copy document for legal reasons.


Supporting medical education

The opportunity to honour someone and have their name inscribed on the Memorial Board is linked to the understanding that a donation will be made to The Royal Society of Medicine, to support the provision of medical education for doctors of today and tomorrow.

As you may know, the RSM provides training for over 40,000 doctors and medical professionals every year. To deliver the highest quality training, the Society must offer superb facilities, including state-of-the-art lecture theatres and online educational resources.

Our magnificent Library has a growing permanent collection of over 600,000 books, journals and databases and provides doctors all over the world with online access to over 5,000 journals covering all aspects of biomedical science. The Society is a registered charity (206219) and the philanthropic donations received are central to supporting its work.

The donation level for RSM Members is £1,000. This can be paid in cash, by cheque, credit card or electronic transfer. The donation can be phased over 12 months, with 12 payments of £84.

The donation level for non-members is £1,500. This can be paid in cash, by cheque, credit card or electronic transfer. The donation can be phased over 12 months, with 12 payments of £125.

UK taxpayers will be invited to sign a Gift Aid form which at no extra cost to the donor increases the value of the donation by 25% to £1,250 for RSM members and £1,875 for non-Members. Your donation can be included on your tax return.

USA-based donors can make a tax efficient donation via the RSM’s foundation in the USA. 

A history of honouring loved ones and colleagues

In 2005 and 2007, the RSM created an opportunity for RSM members to honour a loved one or a colleague by naming chairs in the two largest lecture theatres. All 450 chairs were named.

In 2009 the RSM launched its Wall of Honour initiative. Over 800 people have been honoured on the glass walls of the RSM’s atrium.

Now there is a new opportunity to honour someone who has made a difference.