breakfast briefings

The RSM’s breakfast briefings are exclusive events for supporters and members of the Society, featuring high profile speakers from the UK and international healthcare arena.

Superb networking opportunities are offered through these events, which attract over 100 delegates. The guest lists are eclectic, including consultants, GPs, philanthropists, trainees, medical students and healthcare professionals from over 60 areas of special interest.

Previous breakfast briefing speakers

  • Professor Jeffrey Drazen, Editor in Chief, New England Journal of Medicine
  • Dr Richard Horton, Editor, The Lancet
  • Dr Mark Walport, CEO, Wellcome Trust
  • Professor Chris Ham, Health Advisor to the Prime Minister
  • Professor Mike Richards, Cancer 'Tsar'
  • Dr Roger Boyle, Heart 'Tsar'
  • Professor Paul Corrigan, Health Advisor to the Prime Minister
  • Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman, NICE
  • Bill McCarthy, Head of Strategy, Dept of Health
  • Sir David Nicholson, CEO, NHS
  • Andy Davis, CEO, Virgin Blood Bank
  • Andrew Lansley MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health
  • Charles Levinson, CEO, Doctorcall
  • Sir Ian Kennedy, Chairman, Healthcare Commission
  • Sir William Stewart, Chair, Health Protection Agency
  • Sir Graeme Catto, Chairman, General Medical Council
  • Sir Alastair Breckenridge, Chairman, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Sir Bill Castell, Wellcome Trust
  • Mr Andrew Jack, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent, Financial Times
  • Mr David Brennan, CEO, AstraZeneca
  • Lt Gen Louis Lillywhite, Surgeon General, Defence Medical Services
  • Sir Bruce Keogh, Heart 'Tsar'
  • Sir John Sulston, Human Genome Commission
  • Dame Joan Higgins, Chair, NHS Litigation Authority
  • Lord Crisp, Global Health Partnerships
  • Baroness Young, Chair, Care Quality Commission
  • Chris Rudge, National Clinical Director for Transplantation
  • Sir Lezsek Borysiewicz, CEO, Medical Research Council
  • Jasmine Whitbread, CEO, Save the Children UK
  • Karol Sikora, Medical Director, Cancer Partners UK
  • Atul Gawande, Prof of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Marc DuBois, Director, MSF UK
  • Andrew Mitchell, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development
  • Josette Sheeran, Director, UN World Food Programme
  • Richard Dowden, Director, Royal African Society
  • Sir Peter Rubin, Chair, General Medical Council
  • Ezekiel Emanuel, Bioethics Advisor to President Barack Obama
  • Anthony Rudd, Stroke 'Tsar'
  • Sir Nicholas Young, CEO, British Red Cross
  • David Heymann, Head, Global Health Security, Chatham House
  • Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner (USA)
  • Lord McColl, Chairman, Mercy Ships UK
  • Phillip Raffaelli, Surgeon General, Ministry of Defence
  • Sir John Holmes, UN Emergency Relief Co-ordinator
  • Clare Gerada, Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Harpal Kumar, CEO, Cancer Research UK
  • Dame Jo Williams, Chair, Care Quality Commission
  • John Healey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health
  • Sir John Savill, CEO, Medical Research Council


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