Sleep Medicine Section council 2016/17



Dr Graeme Wilson

Dr Graeme Wilson is a Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer at National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College.  He was introduced to sleep medicine at the Sleep Disorders Centre St Thomas' Hospital.  He trained in Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) at the Lane-Fox Unit.  In his current post, based at Charing Cross Hospital, he is the Clinical Lead for domicillary NIV at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is a Consultant Physician in the Sleep Centre.

President Elect


Dr Hugh Selsick

Honorary Secretary


Professor Jim Horne

Honorary Treasurer


Dr Gillian Twigg

Gillian Twigg started her career in sleep medicine at the Royal Brompton Hospital, where she spent 3 years studying the effects of intermittent hypoxia on brain structure and function, using obstructive sleep apnoea as a model. She realised early in her training that there was something she found fascinating about watching people’s EEG change during sleep and on completion of her PhD in 2008, she decided to pursue a career in clinical sleep medicine. She is currently Principal Clinical Scientist and diagnostic sleep service lead at the Imperial College Healthcare Sleep Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.

Trainee Representative


Dr David O'Regan


Student Representative


Mr Abidemi Otaiku

Student Representative


Miss Noori Husain

Other members

Immediate Past President - Dr Christopher Idzikowski

Academic Board Representative - Dr Graeme Wilson

Membership Officer - Mr Bhik Kotecha

VLUG Representative - Mr Abidemi Otaiku

Other Member - Dr Thomas Britton

Other Member - Dr Andrew Cummin

Other Member - Dr Aditi Desai

Other Member - Mr Ian Ormiston

Other Member - Dr Susan Wilson

Other Member - Professor Adrian Williams

Other Member - Dr Kirstie Anderson