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  • Hypnosis and the placebo effect and the David Waxman memorial lecture 10-Dec-18
  • Hypnosis in woman’s health 11-Mar-19
  • The Elliotson prize and lecture 15-Apr-19
  • Hypnosis in paediatrics and child health 16-Sep-19

About this section

Are you interested in mind body relationships?

Do you seek to explore the profound influences they have on each other  and to help people to modulate them?

If so, this section is for you, whatever your core specialism may be.


To promote the knowledge and understanding of hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine.

Section members:

All Section meetings and events are open to anyone with an interest in hypnosis or psychosomatic medicine, however Section membership comprises professionals who fulfil the eligibility criteria. Training meetings are open only to professionals or students who fulfil the eligibility criteria.


"Those eligible to join this section must hold a first or higher degree in a relevant discipline such as medicine, dentistry or fields related to psychology and be employed in, or retired from, a health related field such as medicine, psychology, dentistry, nursing, etc." 

Applications are invited from those registered with, for example, the BABCP, GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC and University-based Academics.

The Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section is a constituent society of the European Society of Hypnosis. We support and endorse its Ethical Guidelines, and which all applications for membership of the Section will need to abide by. 

If you are a member of the RSM and wish to join the Section, please email hypnosis@rsm.ac.uk

Section council:

Section meetings and conferences are usually organised by members of the Section council, led by the Section President.

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Hypnosis and the placebo effect and the David Waxman memorial lecture
Hypnosis and the placebo effect and the David Waxman memorial lecture

Monday 10 December 2018, Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street

Research on the placebo effect has substantially increased in the last 15 years following key, highly influential findings. Both the application of neuroimaging to placebo effects and meta-analyses of clinical trial data have revealed insights into the nature and importance of the placebo effect.

Half Day | Registration: 14:45 | Organised by: Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine Section |
Region: London | Accreditation: CPD - Applied for Find out more Arrow Links

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