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Webinar CPD

Evidence and impact: A palliative care perspective

This special annual meeting, this year in webinar form, will stimulate and inspire junior doctors, nurses and allied health professionals about the role of research in palliative care. The Palliative ...
  • Date Mon 13 Dec 2021
Webinar CPD

Oncology including leukaemia - London School of Paediatrics

The aim of this study day is to develop the clinician’s knowledge on the different types of childhood cancer and the latest treatment regimens, as well as how to recognise early signs that require inv...
  • Date Wed 12 Jan 2022
  • Price £25 - £35
Webinar CPD

History of urology, urological surgery and John Hunter Lecture

This meeting of the year is devoted to the history of urological surgery, organised in conjunction with the Hunterian Society. The second lecture, John Hunter Lecture honours the lasting contributions...
  • Date Mon 15 Mar 2021
  • Price £5 - £20
Webinar CPD

Fundamentals of critical care

Join us on this important webinar which will refresh and revisit the fundamentals of critical care. After nearly two years of COVID dominating critical care, this session offers an opportunity to reca...
  • Date Mon 22 Nov 2021
Webinar CPD

Natural sciences in medical practice: Module three - part two

Join us to discuss the complex development of anaesthesia and pain relief over time and the development of intensive care between 1950 and 2000. This second part of a 2-part module will explore the na...
  • Date Wed 2 Mar 2022
  • Price £6 - £20