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Webinar CPD

Exceptional mind-body states for mental health

This webinar will explore the psychological qualities of those who partake in extreme sports and experiences, and what we can learn from this state of mind. Insights about the pathophysiology and remi...
  • Date Thu 15 Jul 2021
Free Webinar CPD

The mental health of teachers and school staff

This webinar will explore how the mental health of teachers and school staff have been impacted by pandemic school closures, subsequent re-openings, and the pressures of delivering education in unprec...
  • Date Wed 12 May 2021
Webinar CPD

Doctors in distress

This webinar will discuss the important topic of mental wellbeing and mental health in doctors through an interview with Professor Dame Clare Gerada, Chair of the charity Doctors in Distress. Professo...
  • Date Thu 28 Jan 2021
Webinar CPD

Systemic racism in healthcare: What can psychiatry do?

This is the third of a series of Mind Matters webinars presented by the RSM Psychiatry section. This Mind Matters webinar will hear from two Royal College of Psychiatry leads about race, equality and ...
  • Date Thu 26 Nov 2020