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Webinar CPD

Mental health in closed institutions and custodial settings

Join us on this Mind Matters webinar to explore psychiatry in closed institutions as well as suicide and self-harm in custodial settings in the UK and internationally. In this webinar, Professor Andre...
  • Date Thu 28 Oct 2021
Webinar CPD

Exceptional mind-body states for mental health

This webinar will explore the psychological qualities of those who partake in extreme sports and experiences, and what we can learn from this state of mind. Insights about the pathophysiology and remi...
  • Date Thu 15 Jul 2021
Webinar CPD

Presidential priorities and the pandemic

In this webinar, we will be joined by Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, who will give an overview of the current priorities for the country’s mental health and of the c...
  • Date Thu 27 May 2021
Free Webinar CPD

Psychiatry and palliative care study day

Participants booking this webinar from Monday 22 February 2021 onwards will be registering for the recording and not the live webinar. Workshop bookings will not be available. This webinar provides a ...
  • Date Mon 17 May 2021