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The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Section’s aim is to provide a world-class educational programme in all aspects of this speciality to keep individuals abreast of the innovations constantly occurring within their discipline.

Upcoming webinars and events

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Free Webinar CPD

A contemporary overview of head and neck reconstruction

This webinar will promote an understanding of the challenges of Head and Neck Reconstruction and discuss the various contemporary management strategies.

Participants will be able to better define sub-site specific reconstructive aims, recognise criteria for free tissue transfer and become familiar with reconstructive technological advances and trends.

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Free Webinar CPD

COVID-19: opportunities for innovative solutions to deliver effective and successful care

In this webinar, experts unite to explore challenges and opportunities for service delivery that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. Specialists from the Dental, ENT and Oral Maxillofacial fields will discuss how COVID-19 acts as a driver to facilitate new, innovative ways of delivering care in these areas.

Section Council members

Section meetings and conferences are usually organised by members of the Section Council, led by the Section President and often in collaboration with specialist societies.


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