With the festive season fast approaching but with Covid here to stay, how can you and your family keep safe and well during the holiday season? Watch this programme as TV presenter Kate Garraway asks some of the most pressing questions from the public to top medical experts, including, Dr Chris van Tulleken, Dr Clare Gerada, Professor Robin Shattock and Dr Sarah Filson.

Watch the programme below.

We hope that you will find this useful as the experts cover a range of topics:

  • Skip to: 00:51 for Dr van Tulleken, infectious disease doctor at the University College London Hospital as he navigates us through how the virus is transmitted and how it can be prevented
  • Skip to: 13:30 for Professor Shattock, head of mucosal infection and immunity at Imperial College London where talks about the science behind the vaccines, its development and safety
  • Skip to: 21:47 for Dr Filson, infectious diseases and microbiology specialist registrar doctor at Northwick Park Hospital who gives us a perspective of those working in the frontline as well as learnings from other cultures
  • Skip to: 26:23 for Dr Gerada, medical director of the Practitioner Health Programme as she gives advice on how to care and treat for someone who may be showing symptoms of Covid

Together they explain the science and evidence behind the Covid "Christmas bubble" guidelines and offer some practical tips to help you and your family keep safe and well during the holiday season.

And with vaccines now being used, our medical experts look at the science behind the jabs, how they have been developed and how they might be rolled out in the New Year.

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Disclaimer: All views expressed in this webinar are of the speakers themselves and not of the RSM nor the speaker's organisations. 

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