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COVID-19 Two Years On: A Research Timeline

The volume and speed of research on the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the history of medical publishing. The Library has produced a timeline presenting a research perspective on the pandemic charting a selection of key global scientific and medical discoveries made between January 2020 and March 2022.

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Episode 94: Omicron

Episode 93: Your questions answered

Episode 92: Professor Tim Spector

Episode 91: Jeremy Hunt, MP

Episode 90: Understanding the impact on diabetes

Episode 89: Schools, infection and the impact on children

Episode 88: LGBTQ+ health and care in the pandemic

Episode 87: Managing and preventing hospital infections

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Episode 85: Health inequalities in the pandemic

Episode 84: A health service perspective on ending restrictions 

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Episode 82: Post pandemic staff recovery with The Royal College of Surgeons

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Episode 80: The global pandemic response - now, and looking to the future

Episode 79: Delta variant and the end of restrictions 

Episode 78: UK health security with Dr Jenny Harries 

Episode 77: Your questions answered

Episode 76: Media in a health crisis 

Episode 75: Controlling the virus in prisons and secure locations

Episode 74: Pandemic responses from around the world

Episode 73: Blood clots

Episode 72: Training the next generation

Episode 71: Mental health in the pandemic

Episode 70: Vaccine efficacy, safety and the way ahead

Episode 69: Europe and the third wave?

Episode 68: Professor Chris Whitty

Episode 67: Matters of the heart

Episode 66: The pandemic year - what happens next?

Episode 65: Virus mutations: past, present and future (Part 2)

Episode 64: Pandemic sociology and why it matters

Episode 63: Tackling growing cancer and surgical waiting lists

Episode 62: Which treatments are effective?

Episode 61: Allocating critical care and scarce resources in the pandemic

Episode 60: The race to vaccinate a country

Episode 59: Your questions answered

Episode 58: Rebuilding America after the insurrection

Episode 57: Virus mutations: past, present and future

Episode 56: What is the scale of vaccine scepticism?



Episode 55: Policing health in a pandemic

Episode 54: One year on, what have we learned?

Episode 53: Are vaccines a silver bullet for the crisis?

Episode 52: Your questions answered

Episode 51: The African Experience

Episode 50: Vaccines and living with the virus

Episode 49: ICU - what has changed?

Episode 48: GP perspective on the crisis

Episode 47: Treating severe cases and the inflammatory response 

Episode 46: Sweden and the second wave: how do we live with COVID?

Episode 45: Mathematical models and predicting the path of the virus

Episode 44: Your questions answered

Episode 43: Long COVID: Understanding the shadow of the virus

Episode 42: The impact on surgery and surgery and surgical waiting lists

Episode 41: A global pandemic: public health strategies around the world

Episode 40: Back to school: infection, risk and mental health

Episode 39: Behind the stats

Episode 38: Challenges of testing

Episode 37: Managing local outbreaks

Episode 36: Maintaining and restoring specialised services during the pandemic

Episode 35: Your questions answered

Episode 34: Behavioural science and the pandemic

Episode 33: The impact on medical training: how can we recover?

Episode 32: Rehabilitation after the viral infection

Episode 31: NHS and the pandemic: capturing the lessons

Episode 30: Update on trials and treatments

Episode 29: The role of the human genome

Episode 28: Cardiac and cardiovascular issues

Episode 27: Impact on older population

Episode 26: Panel discussion with Professor Peter Openshaw, Professor Nik Patel & Professor Sian Griffiths

Episode 25: Thrombotic complications

Episode 24: Medical journals

Episode 23: Women's health and pregnancy - what are the risks?

Episode 22: Emerging from the pandemic: future health service challenges 

Episode 21: Caring for our children in a time of COVID-19

Episode 20: Vaccines

Episode 19 is unavailable for online viewing

Episode 18: Even more of your questions answered

Episode 17: Crisis management

Episode 16: Mental health, mental illness and COVID-19

Episode 15: BAME patients and COVID-19

Episode 14: Can the UK learn from Europe and, if so, what?

Episode 13: Drug and other therapeutic options

Episode 12: A view from the CMO's department

Episode 11: The pathophysiology of the virus

Episode 10: The mental health of NHS staff with Adam Kay and Dr Clare Gerada

Episode 9: Your questions answered

Episode 8: NHS Nightingale Hospitals with Professor Charles Knight

Episode 7: Exploring the global pandemic with Professor David Heyman

Episode 6: Policymaking on masks for general public w/ Prof Trisha Greenhalgh

Episode 5: What do we know with Professor Peter Openshaw

Episode 4: Trade-offs in a pandemic - the surgeon's perspective

Episode 3: A view from inside an Intensive Care Unit

Episode 2: Response to a pandemic with Professor Paul Cosford

Episode 1: Facing hard truths of the frontlines with Dr Rachel Clarke