The RSM is pleased to partner with Currensea, the free to use direct debit travel card that gives back.

Currensea is a debit card that works with your existing UK high street bank account. Use it abroad, and the card will remove bank fees, some of which you can choose to donate to a charity, including the Royal Society of Medicine. At home, your card can also automatically round-up the amount you’ve spent and donate whatever you choose.  

You can keep track of these donations to your chosen charity on the Currensea app or dashboard, and increase or decrease your contribution levels at any time.

Whenever you spend in foreign currency, whether that’s online shopping or travelling abroad, your bank will typically charge 3-5% in fees. Your new RSM debit card removes the bank fees. Some or all of those savings can automatically be donated back to the Society. You decide by how much.

Your RSM debit card also gives you a better exchange rate than the banks, the high street or top-up travel cards.

Get access to the best foreign exchange rates at only 0.5% above the base rate and with no fees or charges.The Essential plan saves you at least 85% on every transaction, or save even more with the Premium and Elite plans, with 0% mark-up and 100% saving against the banks

You will also be able to round up your spending in the UK to the nearest 5 or 10p. By automatically donating you’ll be able to see these pennies turn into pounds, and really help to make a difference to your chosen charity.

Find out more and sign up for your free RSM debit card