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The Royal Society of Medicine is pleased to be hosting its 15th Medical Innovations Summit on Saturday 16th September 2017. You can watch the presentations from the previous summits through our RSM Videos website here which showcases innovators we have been privileged to host in the past. 

More speakers will be announced here in due course.

15th Medical Innovations Summit speakers

Christian Hogg

Christian Hogg

Flying in from Hong Kong for the Innovations Summit is Christian Hogg, Chief Executive of Hutchison China MediTech Ltd (Chi-Med). The innovative biopharmaceutical company is aiming to become a global leader in the discovery, development and commercialisation of targeted therapies for oncology and immunological diseases. They are on the verge of launching the first mainstream drug developed in China from design to production. The company is listed on AIM and NASDAQ and is majority owned by CK Hutchison Holdings, a leading international conglomerate with over a quarter of a million employees in more than 50 countries and annual sales of over US$50 billion.

Professor David Wald and Ben Wald

David and Ben Wald

Ben Wald is 16 and this year spent some time on a work experience with his father, Professor David Wald, a heart surgeon at Barts Heart Centre in London. You might think a 16 year old school student would have nothing to teach a cardiologist, but in this case you would be wrong. A-level student Ben, suggested the idea that surgeons could ‘write’ a patient’s medical history in code inside their chest. In March, Ben’s code won a prize for Innovation awarded by The Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

David Bernstein and Sankha Gamage

David and Sankha

Sankha and David are students at Loughborough Grammar School. Recently they received the title of ‘UK Young Engineer of the year 2017’, beating over 21,000 entries.  The award was made following their success in developing  ‘MediVest’  a wearable vest for people with epilepsy that monitors heart rate variability and body temperature. The vest can efficiently predict a fit up to eight minutes in advance. Once a fit is detected, the vest sends a message to both the wearer’s phone as well as possibly a carer to warn them that they need to seek help.

Dr Hon Weng Chong

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Flying in from Australia for the Innovations Summit, is the co-founder of CliniCloud Inc, Dr Hon Weng Chong. Inventing the world’s first digital stethoscope that connects to a phone, and a Bluetooth non-contact thermometer, CliniCloud’s mission is to build affordable, intelligent and intuitive medical devices and services that any patient can access. The company has achieved huge success with their digital stethoscope, thermometer and app, and they looking to launch CliniCloud scales, a blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter.

Stephen Burke and Alibeth Somers

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Imagine what would happen if you bring a group of nursery-age children into a home for older people. Short visits by very young people are fairly common these days, but what happens if a nursery school is situated permanently in the grounds of a residential home? Imagine the excitement, wonder and opportunities created by new contact and new relationships between the very young and much older citizens. Stephen Burke is the Director of Good Care Guide, the TripAdvisor style website for the care industry which enables people to find, rate and review care providers in their area. Alibeth Somers is the co-founder of the Apples and Honey nursery at Nightingale House in London - the UK's first nursery co-located within an elderly care home.

Nicci Gerrard and Julia Jones

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Rules are rules but what if those rules are not only outdated, but ignore evidence and diminish the prospects of good or improved care for a patient. Nicci Gerrard and Julia Jones are on a mission to help carers support patients with dementia. They also want to encourage hospitals and clinics provide better care on a collaborative basis by involving and engaging with carers. Their innovative initiative ‘John’s Campaign’ has won the support of over 1000 medical and healthcare institutions.

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