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18 December 2007 Women with heart disease get poorer treatment than men

A paper in the latest issue of Menopause International argues that women with cardiovascular disease (CVD) have a worse outcome and are more likely to die than men once diagnosed.

17 December 2007 Cheap alcohol causing STDs and unwanted pregnancies

Call for free condoms to be given away in pubs, clubs and taxis

12 December 2007 Screening frenzy

Screening expert calls for public to be protected from over–zealous promotion of medical screening.

7 December 2007 UK fuelling conflict in Sub Saharan Africa

The UK, along with many other developed nations, is escalating the affect of conflict in Sub-Saharan African countries (SSA), such as Darfur.

15 November 2007 Death To Indifference?

Representatives from three Royal Colleges and leading learning disability groups, met today at the Royal Society of Medicine to pledge an end to the poor quality of healthcare experienced by people with a learning disability.

9 November 2007 Media stance on prostate cancer screening flawed

Australian men are exposed to un-balanced and often non-evidence based appeals to seek PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing by the media and other opinion formers.

26 October 2007 British medicine "leaderless"

British medicine is blighted by “self-interested, ineffective, squabbling” bodies incapable of providing the leadership it so desperately needs.

18 October 2007 A History of The London Clinic

The history of London’s most famous independent hospital has just been written to coincide with the Clinic’s 75th anniversary.

15 October 2007 Doctors get out their crayons - A new book from RSM Press

The Royal Society of Medicine has recently published a must-have book for students and qualified practitioners requiring detailed anatomical knowledge.

4 October 2007 NICE must loosen up

NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines are too rigid and often say ‘yes’ or no’ when ‘yes, if’ would be most appropriate to ensure that patients are offered properly evaluated treatments.

2 October 2007 Royal Society of Medicine announces new Chief Executive

The Royal Society of Medicine has appointed Ian Balmer, currently Chief Executive Officer at Moorfields Eye Hospital, as Chief Executive.

1 October 2007 Doctors warn of climate havoc resulting in global disease epidemics and famine

Even a limited, regional nuclear war, such as an exchange between India and Pakistan, would cause world wide climate disruption and lead to global famine, according to papers being presented at an international conference at the Royal Society of Medicine this week.

13 September 2007 Postmenopausal women are at high risk of repeat fracture within five years of the first one

A ten year study of bone fractures among post-menopausal women has found that the absolute risk of a second clinical fracture is highest in the five years after any first clinical fracture.

13 September 2007 Keyhole surgery is best option for recurrent pneumothorax

Most cardiothoracic surgeons (80%) do not believe thoractomy is required for an optimal operation – a contrasting viewpoint from that reflected in existing guidelines from the British Thoracic Society.

2 August 2007 Consultants see educational supervision as little more than "a form-filling exercise"

Many paediatric specialist registrars do not value the educational supervision they receive from consultants and find that it is little more than a form-filling exercise, according to an article published in the Royal Society of Medicine.

16 July 2007 Major New Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial Announced

At a major conference on prostate cancer this Monday (16th July), Dr Chris Parker from The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital will announce a major new prostate cancer trial.

5 July 2007 Many victims of sexual assault are not receiving proper care

An article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine highlights that many victims of sexual assault in the UK are still not receiving the treatment they require.

1 July 2007 New study warns against routine use of spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation should not be routinely used and, when performed on the upper spine, may result in serious, and possibly fatal, complications such as stroke, concludes a new study.

26 June 2007 Medical Royal Colleges – “Are they fit for purpose?”

Writing in the July issue of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, one of the UK’s leading health economists has attacked the medical Royal Colleges for providing questionable value for money.

5 June 2007 Living in the UK makes South Asians unhealthier

A review in the June issue of the Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine suggests that people from South Asia may develop a greater risk of diseases (such as certain cancers) when they live in the UK.

4 June 2007 Quality of diabetes care is poorer in smaller primary care practices and in deprived areas

The largest ever study looking at the relationship between primary care practice size and the quality of diabetes care is published in this month’s Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and shows evidence of an association between quality of care and practice size in primary care.

2 June 2007 Older women with sexual health problems prefer to go to their PC rather than their GP…

Health professionals still need to ask women questions about sexual health rather than wait for them to bring the subject up themselves.

9 May 2007 The Royal Society of Medicine website undergoes a major overhaul

The Royal Society of Medicine has now launched its new website, marking a dramatic improvement with a completely new design and layout that improves navigability, accessibility and usability.

2 May 2007 People should be helped to die at home, say experts

Patients nearing the end of their lives who choose to die at home should have their preferences respected.

30 April 2007 Insulin as a murder weapon

A new book from Royal Society of Medicine Press
The Royal Society of Medicine Press has today published a book on the use of insulin in murder.

30 March 2007 NHS top up payments should be allowed for cancer care

A leading expert on modern day management of cancer is calling for the implementation of proper procedures that would allow NHS patients to top up cancer care in the private sector.

14 March 2007 Junior doctors let down by new medical training system

The President of the Royal Society of Medicine has today described the Modernising Medical Careers application process for junior doctors as flawed and chaotic.

5 March 2007 Routine oxygen therapy may put heart attack patients at greater risk

The routine use of oxygen therapy in the treatment of heart attack is not supported by clinical evidence, according to a paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

23 February 2007 Royal Society of Medicine and British Menopause Society launch Menopause International

As a reflection of its wider readership and growing worldwide acclaim, the Journal of the British Menopause Society will be re-titled as Menopause International with publication of its next issue in March.

20 February 2007 Lancet publishers condemned over promotion of arms

Reed Elsevier, the publisher of The Lancet, has today been condemned by a former editor of the British Medical Journal for its involvement in the promotion of arms sales.

9 February 2007 Demise of nursing is compromising patient care in the UK

Healthcare in the UK is being undermined by the lowering of nursing education and standards, according to leading professors of nursing.

8 February 2007 Key advances: The threat of pandemic influenza

The Royal Society of Medicine is holding a conference on Monday 12 February examining the threat of an influenza pandemic.

17 January 2007 Greater transparency urged about the use of aborted foetuses in stem cell research

Women in the UK should be provided with detailed information about how aborted foetuses might be used in stem cell research, say leading social scientists.

12 January 2007 Sexual discrimination in research undermines women’s health

The evidence base of medicine may be fundamentally flawed because of an ongoing failure of research to include gender differences in study design and analysis, according to an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

11 January 2007 Less experienced surgeons in the US performing new techniques in coronary surgery on black patients

Cardiac surgeons who are less experienced with the recently introduced off-pump techniques in coronary bypass surgery are more likely to perform such operations on black patients, according to US researchers.

4 January 2007 Royal Society of Medicine bolsters education programme

The Royal Society of Medicine, the UK’s largest provider of continuing professional development, has today announced changes to its academic structure that will strengthen its medical educational programme.

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