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Press notes: 28 March

Wednesday 6 April: webinar 7.00pm to 8.00pm

The challenging conditions that the war in Ukraine has brought to the delivery of adequate medical care to the ill and injured will be under the spotlight when leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh CBE joins RSM President Professor Roger Kirby at this specially convened event. Henry Marsh is a best-selling author and has been a pioneer of neurosurgical advances in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union since 1992.

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Wednesday 30 March: webinar 7.00pm to 8.05pm

Surviving the Holocaust and how an ordinary man became a perpetrator in arguably the greatest crime of the 20th century will be the themes of a conversation led by Professor Sir Simon Wessely with guests Dr Noemie Lopian, daughter of Holocaust survivors Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein and Renee Bornstein, and Mr Derek Niemann, writer, creative writing tutor and editor specialising in natural history and memoirs.

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Tuesday 29 March: livestream 9.45am to 5.00pm

Thought leaders including eminent public health physician Professor Sir Muir Gray and National Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, Dr Simon Eccles, will discuss and explore the progress, risks, and opportunities in using patient data for population health management.

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Notes to editors

Follow this link for more information about the full programme of education at the RSM.

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is a registered charity and membership organisation. ​Our vision is better healthcare for better lives. By sharing learning and supporting innovation our goal is to be the leading provider of continuing learning to healthcare professionals.

We deliver multidisciplinary, specialist and general education, as well as professional development, drawing on the support of leading experts in over 50 specialist areas of medicine.

We are home to one of the finest physical and digital medical libraries in the world. Our learning resources span a wide collection of books, journals, electronic journals and online medical databases.

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