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Press note: 8 November 2021

Tuesday 9 November: 10.00am to 4.50pm – Webinar

Non-medical restricted diets will be under the spotlight during this webinar, during which an international panel of top experts will discuss whether they are a public health concern or whether their benefits outweigh the risks.

Tuesday 9 November: 8.55am to 4.55am – Webinar

Experts from sleep medicine and sport and exercise medicine will discuss jet lag management and stimulant use in athletes, how to optimise an athlete's sleep, and how we can use exercise to treat sleep disorders. 

Other news

The Royal Society of Medicine is pleased to announce three new appointments. Follow this link to read more about these new governance appointments.


Notes to editors

For a free press pass for either of these webinars, email or call the Royal Society of Medicine Media Office on 07785 182732.

Follow this link for more information about the full programme of education at the RSM.

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is a registered charity and membership organisation. ​Our vision is better healthcare for better lives. By sharing learning and supporting innovation our goal is to be the leading provider of continuing learning to healthcare professionals.

We deliver multidisciplinary, specialist and general education, as well as professional development, drawing on the support of leading experts in over 50 specialist areas of medicine.

We are home to one of the finest physical and digital medical libraries in the world. Our learning resources span a wide collection of books, journals, electronic journals and online medical databases.

We connect those involved in and interested in healthcare and, by leveraging expertise from across the RSM, we support, help and inspire the innovators developing the medical products and services of tomorrow.

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