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Press notes: 31 May 2021

On Wednesday 2 June at 7pm Tony Adams, the most successful Arsenal FC captain of all time, joins addiction psychiatrist Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones to talk about the pressure of representing your country in elite sporting competitions, his experiences with alcoholism, and how he was inspired by his own emotional and mental health issues to create SIX MHS, a mental and physical therapies organisation that helps businesses support their employee needs through education and support.

Professor Peter Openshaw, Professor Susan Michie and Professor Robin Shattock will join Professor Simon Wessley on Thursday 3 June at 12.30pm to tackle questions raised in recent RSM Covid-19 webinars.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday 1 June at 10.30am, the RSM’s Food and Health Forum will host a webinar focusing on the impact of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK food supply, its effect on nutrition and how food standards have changed and/or will change in the future.

To request a press pass for this event email or call Rosalind Dewar on 07785 182732.

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