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Press note: 27 September 2021

Monday 27 September: 5.30pm to 6.30pm - webinar

What role do our genes play in sex, sexuality and gender? This webinar will explore the molecular evidence for genetic influences in this controversial area, bringing together experts in the field to provide current insights and answer questions.

Friday 1 October: 9.25am to 4.15pm – in-person or live-stream

Military and civilian leaders in the field of major incident delivery will gather at this session to provide the latest updates and discussion about major incident preparation in the UK, from pre-hospital, district general hospital and major trauma centre perspectives. Ethics, psychology and lessons from history will also be explored.

Monday 27 September: 8.00am to 12.00pm - webinar

How can clinicians make a real impact on climate change? Led by Professor Hugh Montgomery, this online masterclass will offer practical tips on how clinicians can advocate around climate change and integrate sustainability within the NHS. 

Notes to editors

Free press passes are available for all these events, whether online or in-person. Email or call the Royal Society of Medicine Media Office on 07785 182732.

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