Information skills training

The Library provides free information skills training courses to RSM and Library members.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the courses aim to help those wishing to improve their information skills, including medical students and trainees, NHS staff and those working in the wider healthcare sector.

Temporary library and corporate members may also book a place, however a course fee applies.

If the workshops dates are not convenient, please consider booking an Individual tutorial at the Library or online via WebEx. Please note that individual sessions are only available for the following classes: Introduction to Literature Searching and Advanced Literature Searching.

The courses currently run are:

Introduction to Literature Searching

This course includes:

  • Accessing the Library’s online resources
  • Searching our bibliographic databases using textwords
  • Getting the best out of the RSM’s e-journals and e-books
  • Requesting RSM Library services


Advanced Literature Searching

This follows on from the Introduction to Literature Searching course and covers:

  • Choosing the most appropriate databases offered by the Library to meet your information needs
  • Using thesaurus terms for more focused searches
  • Searching across more than one database including removing duplicate references
  • Handling your final search results and re-running saved search strategies to find recently added references to the databases

To book a place on the Advanced Literature Searching course, you must have completed the Introduction to Literature Searching course or had an individual database tutorial at the RSM Library.


Improve Your Database Search Skills Through Practice

A 45 minute individual session with a professional searcher concentrating on an attendee’s own search question to help them assimilate the techniques and tools used to search databases effectively. 

Members are expected to bring and work on a search strategy before attending this session.

To book a place on this session, you must have completed the Introduction to Literature Searching course or an individual introduction database tutorial at the RSM Library.  

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions can only be taken in the library. All bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance to check for availability. Debit/Credit card details are required. These workshops are free to RSM Individual Members however this information is needed in case of any non-attendance from members where a £30 fee would apply. If you wish to reschedule, this can only be done once. Please call the library issue desk on 020 7290 2940 to complete your booking.

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Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

This course covers:

  • Understanding the steps to practising evidence-based medicine and defining the different levels of evidence
  • Using the PICO method to focus a clinical question
  • Identifying the best online resources for finding evidence on your topic
  • Navigating the Cochrane Library and other key evidence-based medical resources effectively.

To book a place on this course, previous attendance at the Introduction to Literature Searching course is recommended. 


Introduction to Critical Appraisal

This interactive workshop offered covers:

  • Basic critical appraisal skills including using authoritative checklists.
  • The workshop will then focus on critically appraising a randomised controlled trial and a systematic review.

Prior attendance at the Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine workshop is recommended.


Introduction to Mendeley

Mendeley is a free academic software available on Win, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android, which allows you to:

  • Keep all your documents in one place and access them across various devices
  • Read, highlight, annotate and share PDFs wherever you are
  • Insert citations/bibliographies and create new citation styles
  • Share and collaborate with like-minded researchers via private or public groups
  • Share your own publications worldwide

Medical students and researchers will find this tool particularly useful to assist them in their research projects.

To register your interest in an individual session please contact the library on 020 7290 2940.

Members must have a Mendeley account before attending this session. Register at 


Upcoming information skills training courses

To book a place, email us at, call us on +44 (0) 20 7290 2940/2941 or visit the 1st floor Library Issue Desk.


RSM/Library members: Free

CPD: £10 per credit.

Corporate Members: £100 per person + VAT.

Temporary Library Members: £100  per person + VAT (includes a free pass to the Library on the day of the workshop)

Credit/debit card payment details are required in advance to secure all bookings. 

If you do not attend on the day of the workshop and have not cancelled your booking at least one day beforehand, a cancellation fee of £30 (or £50 for temporary Library and Corporate members) will apply.

Introduction to Literature Searching

Tuesday 28th August 2018, 9.00am-1.00pm

Venue: IT Training room (RSM Library, First floor) -places are limited to 10. 
CPD: 4 credits (cost: £40)
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Advanced Literature Searching

Friday 28th September 2018, 9.00am-1.00pm

Venue: IT Training room (RSM Library, First floor) -places are limited to 10. 
CPD: 4 credits (cost: £40)
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Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

Tuesday 20th November 2018, 9.00am-1.00pm

Venue: IT Training room (RSM Library, First floor) -places are limited to 10. 
CPD: 4 credits (cost: £40)
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Introduction to Critical Appraisal 

Friday 27th July 2018, 9.00am-1.00pm

Venue: Mezzanine Suite (RSM Library, Mezzanine floor) -places are limited to 6. 
CPD: 4 credits (cost: £40)
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“Helpful and knowledgeable. I found the courses on literature searching very useful.”

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