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Use of the building

Creating a positive and thriving environment for everyone to collaborate and unwind is important to us. We have an amazing space at the RSM for our members and guests to come together, learn, share and network, including the RSM lounge bar and the RSM library.   

Alongside these areas, we also have a range of discounted meeting rooms appropriate for online meetings, calls and confidential discussions.

We ask that members be mindful of the needs of others.  Therefore, here are all the spaces available for you to use.

RSM lounge bar

Our RSM lounge bar/club and dining facilities provide a range of spaces for members and their guests to relax and unwind while taking advantage of the hospitality services on offer.    

  • We ask that all members be mindful of others when using this space. If working in these areas, please consider others and use headphones if you are making calls online or by phone. 
  • 12-2pm is our peak lunch period therefore please be aware that you may be asked to move to a different space if you are not dining during this time.   

RSM library

The library hosts a selection of spaces to work, learn and collaborate. 

Find out more about our Library

Glass mezzanine floor

This is a communal space for open working and collaboration, located just outside the lifts on the first floor.

Meeting rooms

If you are looking for a space for meetings or to hold confidential conversations, there are several meeting room options available.

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