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RSM and Bodyswaps launch healthcare communication research programme

The Royal Society of Medicine and edtech company Bodyswaps have launched a research programme to explore the transformative potential of immersive learning in healthcare communication. 

Exclusive to RSM members, the project invites healthcare institutions to participate in a study into how immersive learning can enhance interpersonal skills and improve patient outcomes.  

All those taking part will receive a virtual reality (VR) headset and three months of free access to a range of immersive training modules. 

Among the modules within the research programme is Navigating Angry Conversations, which was jointly developed by the RSM and Bodyswaps in 2023. Other modules cover equity and anti-racism in global healthcare, the mental health practitioner, and communicating in a person-centred way. 

The research programme aims to achieve two primary objectives: 

  1. Measure learner acceptance for communication training in healthcare, focusing on immersion, comfort levels, engagement rates, and potential challenges. 
  1. Compare immersive learning to in-person and other forms of digital learning to ascertain its efficacy in enhancing communication skills among healthcare professionals. 

RSM members who are interested in applying for the research programme on behalf of their healthcare institution are encouraged to visit the Bodyswaps website. The deadline for applications is 27 March 2024. 

More about navigating Angry Conversations

With ever-growing pressures on the NHS, dealing with angry or frustrated patients and their relatives has become increasingly common for those working in healthcare.   

Our module enables you to practise navigating angry conversations with patients and their relatives in VR before having to do so face-to-face. The simulation is enhanced by AI software to help you improve your ability to identify anger signals, recognise how different responses can diffuse or exacerbate anger, remain calm in hostile situations, and move the situation forward with empathy.   

If you have your own VR headset, you can access the full immersive experience from wherever you are. If you don’t have a headset, you can either come into the RSM library and use one here or try out the light version on your computer or mobile device.   

Find out more about accessing the module.  

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