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Students celebrate Doubleday prize success

Three students were celebrated for winning the prestigious Doubleday Student Prize at the RSM Students Section’s prize presentation event earlier this week. 

First prize went to David Gringras, a 5th year medical student at the University of Edinburgh, with Elizabeth Bell and Hamaad Khan taking second and third places respectively. 

The Doubleday Student Prize is awarded annually to a medical student who can demonstrate outstanding principles of patient partnership and patient care. Each winner presented their previously unpublished winning essay at the event, which was attended by Dean and President-Elect of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Gillian Leng, and Dr Sian Rees, a Trustee of the Royal Society of Medicine, as well as members of the RSM Students Section. 

First place: David Gringras

David Gringras is a 5th year medical student at the University of Edinburgh, where he also studied an intercalated degree in Global Health Policy. He engages in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and is passionate about making a positive social impact both within and beyond healthcare. 

“I love writing and am passionate about interpersonal healthcare so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to unite these interests simply by writing my essay submission. As an unexpected cherry on top, I am honoured to have been awarded first place in the RSM Doubleday Prize! The award presentation event was an amazing opportunity to hear an array of unique perspectives from impressive speakers and guests - all passionate about interpersonal care. I particularly enjoyed the incredible essay presentations from second and third place winners Elizabeth and Hamaad, which left me wondering how I had won! I am very grateful to the RSM and everyone else involved for putting on this amazing competition and event.” 

Second place: Elizabeth Bell

Betsy is a second-year graduate entry medical student at the University of Nottingham, with an undergraduate degree in Music from Durham University. Her interest in the interaction between interpersonal and technical skills derives from her year of experience as a healthcare assistant in an elderly rehabilitation ward.  

“The Doubleday is the first essay competition I have attempted since becoming a medical student and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my work. It was great to get together with leaders in the field and discuss the initiatives that the RSM is piloting regarding interpersonal skills. I really enjoyed meeting and listening to David and Hamaad’s thoughts on this topic.” 

Third place: Hamaad Khan

Hamaad Khan is a graduate medical student and Global Development Officer at the National Academy for Social Prescribing. He holds degrees in Neuroscience and Global Health and Development. Hamaad is focused on global health systems, social prescribing, and authored a global report with the WHO. He leads the Global Social Prescribing Student Council and received the Hillary International Award for Health & Care Leadership in 2022. 

“I am honoured to have been awarded third prize in the Doubleday Essay. This essay offered an opportunity to look at current clinical practice critically, seeing how patients are often disregarded but also identifying solutions to inviting them into decisions of their own care. My understanding of patient-partnered care has enhanced, and hopefully better-informed my clinical practice with my future patients too.” 

Huge congratulations David, Betsy and Hamaad! 

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