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Royal Society of Medicine welcomes 29 new Section Presidents

The Royal Society of Medicine has announced 29 new Section Presidents.  

Responsible for leading the specialist education programmes for their Sections, the volunteers took up their posts at the start of the new academic year on 1 October.  

Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, welcomed the incoming Section Presidents and thanked those whose terms are coming to an end. He said: “The enormous efforts of our Section volunteers power our educational mission at the RSM and make our learning proposition unique in the sector. 

“On behalf of the RSM Council, leadership and staff, I sincerely thank those Section Presidents stepping down this year and warmly welcome their replacements into the fold. 

“We have an exciting education programme ahead of us in 2023/24 and I am looking forward to working alongside each and every one of you to make the year a great success.” 

Incoming Section Presidents

Dr J Bernard Liban

Dr Teresa Castiello 

Clinical Forensic and Legal Medicine 
Mr David Heming 

Clinical Neurosciences 
Dr Richard Orrell 

Mr Justin Davies 

Comparative Medicine 
Dr Felicity Mehendale 

Critical Care Medicine 
Dr Nishita Desai 

Dr Jane Elizabeth Sansom 

Digital Health 
Mrs Julia Manning 

Endocrinology and Diabetes 
Dr Abdul Lakhdar 

General Practice with Primary Healthcare 
Dr Jay Verma 

History of Medicine Society 
Dr Hilary Susan Morris 

Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine 
Dr Sarah Partridge 

Laryngology and Rhinology 
Professor Claire Hopkins 

Maternity and the Newborn Forum 
Dr Surabhi Nanda 

Medicine and Society 
Dr Sian Rees 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
Professor Mark Brincat 

Occupational Medicine 
Dr Sam Valanejad 

Professor Barry Francis Arthur Quinn 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 
Mr Ashraf Messiha 

Mr Enis Guryel 

Professor Peter Rea 

Palliative Care 
Dr Sara Robbins 

Patient Safety 
Mr Ed Glasgow 

Dr Eric Woo 

Dr Bavithra Vijayakumar

Sleep Medicine 
Dr Jane A Hicks 

Miss Nikki Kerdegari 

Dr Josef Watfah 

Dr Josie Cheetham 

Professor James Green 

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