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Joint statement on abortion care

Following the annual BSACP conference, the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), the British Society of Abortion Care Providers (BSACP), Doctors for Choice UK, My Body My Life and Abortion Talk wish to reaffirm our shared commitment to promoting best practice in education, training and research in abortion care.

We understand that abortion stigma can impede access and the delivery of effective healthcare and recognise the role that education plays in overcoming these barriers. 

We acknowledge that abortion stigma is still present in many healthcare settings. Highlighting incidents that cause abortion providers and patients to feel stigmatised, and reflecting on how stigma can manifest, is an important part of our shared commitment.  

As organisations who are committed to destigmatising abortions, for healthcare professionals and patients, we will focus our energies on creating opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn from balanced and informed conversation on this important medical topic.

We look forward to building on successful joint working over many years and creating future initiatives in abortion care.

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