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Trainees celebrate success in RSM awards for research and audit

The recent RSM Trainee Section event combining research, innovation and audit was the backdrop for a series of presentations by trainees competing for a set of prestigious prizes, including a new addition to the RSM’s roster of prizes and awards.

The John Glyn Audit Prize presentations have been a regular fixture for a number of years and in 2022 an entirely new set of prizes to reward and recognise trainee research was also up for grabs.

Speaking at the event, Dr Nuru Noor, a member of the team organising the prizes, said: “These prizes were phenomenally competitive with a very large number of applicants from trainees across all specialities. All the shortlisted presenters deserve huge credit for the quality of work presented and will have a national conference presentation to add to their CVs.”

The meeting organisers hope that the experiences gained at the event will help the participants to develop ideas and collaborations for the future.

“We would like to extend a huge congratulations to everyone involved in submitting, presenting and winning these awards - which we are sure will go from strength to strength for each year going forward," added Dr Noor.

Research prize winners

1st prize oral presentation:

Name: Dr Georgia Woodfield

Talk title: Non-invasive breath testing for colorectal cancer, the COBRA1 study (Colorectal Breath Analysis)

2nd prize oral presentation

Name: Dr Charlotte Sharp

Talk title: Understanding COVID shielding stories: co-produced research to understand the voice of people living with arthritis and auto-immune disease

1st prize poster presentation

Name: Dr Anantharaman Ramasamy

Poster title: A Novel Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography Deep-Learning Methodology for Coronary Atheroma Assessment Trained Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Intravascular Ultrasound

John Glyn audit prize winners

1st prize oral presentation:

Name: Dr Rachel Blyth

Talk title: Routine assessment of cardiovascular disease risk in patients with immune mediated inflammatory skin disease - are we doing it right in dermatology?

2nd prize oral presentation

Name: Dr Safia Haidar

Title talk: Diagnostic Ascitic Tap in Emergency Admissions with Ascites

1st prize poster presentation

Name: Dr Sophie Stanley

Title talk: In Safe Hands: A Quality Improvement Project to Standardise Medical Handover at The Royal Oldham Hospital

2nd prize poster presentation

Name: Dr Susana Elsesser

Title talk: Advance Care Planning offered to Older, Frail Inpatients and Quality of its Documentation -- A Completed Audit Cycle

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