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The RSM welcomes 25 new Section Presidents

The Royal Society of Medicine has announced 25 new Section Presidents. Responsible for leading the specialist education programmes for their Sections, the volunteers take up their posts at the start of the new academic year on 1 October. 

Professor Roger Kirby, RSM President, thanked the outgoing Section Presidents for their essential contributions to the work of the society: “Without the input of our network of talented volunteers, and in particular the Presidents that lead each Section, the RSM would not be able to carry out its mission to share learning and support innovation in pursuit of better healthcare for better lives.  

“On behalf of the RSM Council, management and staff I extend my thanks to those dedicated Section Presidents stepping down this year. We’re especially grateful for their support in developing the RSM’s specialist education programme during this continuing time of challenge and change. 

“I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the 25 incoming Presidents. The RSM education team and I look forward to working together with you to deliver this year’s programme of world-class learning for healthcare professionals.” 

Incoming Section Presidents 

Mr Mark Jones 

Clinical Immunology & Allergy 
Dr Helen Brough 

Clinical Neurosciences 
Dr Jonathan Hyam 

Dr Jeremy Nightingale 

Critical Care Medicine 
Dr Nishita Desai 

Dr Portia Goldsmith 

Digital Health 
Mrs Julia Manning  

Emergency Medicine 
Dr Fleur Cantle 

Geriatrics & Gerontology  
Dr Mashkur Khan 

History of Medicine Society 
Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe 

Laryngology & Rhinology 
Professor Peter Andrews 

Dr Allyson Egan 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Mr Patrick O'Brien 

Mr Graham Duguid 

Mr Enis Guryel 

Professor Manohar Bance 

Paediatrics & Child Health 
Dr Daniel Cromb 

Palliative Care 
Dr Sara Robbins 

Plastic Surgery 
Mr Fateh Ahmad 

Dr Gordana Milavic 

Sport & Exercise Medicine 
Dr William Wynter-Bee 

Ms Bhumi Shah 

Dr Josie Cheetham (joint President with Dr Bernard Ho) 

Mrs Nadine Coull 

Vascular, Lipid & Metabolic Medicine 
Professor Andrew Krentz 

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