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RSM partners with clothing app LLAYRS

The RSM is pleased to announce a new partnership with fashion resale marketplace LLAYRS. It’s a great way to shop sustainably and at the same time make a charitable donation.

LLAYRS is the place to buy clothes and sell your old or unwanted ones while donating up to 90% of the proceeds to a good cause.

Charities you can donate to include the Royal Society of Medicine. Other LLAYRS charity partners include Black Lives Matter, WWF, Samaritans, The Royal Academy of Art, Save the Children and Breast Cancer UK.

You decide how much you would like to donate from each sale. Using the LLAYRS app you can track how much you have donated to which causes and how much you have earned.

If you’re shopping for new items, the app will let you know which charity your purchase will benefit.

To get started download the LLAYRS app, set up your shop to sell your clothes and pick the charities you would like to receive your profits.

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