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Forthcoming prize deadlines for students and trainees

Every year the RSM offers a number of prizes and awards to medical students, trainees, and allied healthcare professionals to help develop their careers. Entering an RSM prize can provide you with the opportunity to present your work at an RSM meeting and network within your specialty with senior clinicians – it is a great way to enhance your CV.

Here are some upcoming prizes which you can apply for. You can also visit our prizes and awards page to view all the upcoming deadlines.

Emergency Medicine Section: Innovation in ED education

Deadline: 3 April 2022

To recognise and promote educational initiatives in emergency departments, this prize is calling for an abstract of 300-words on a project that has contributed to emergency medicine departments. Submissions should describe the project, its implementation and your role in the implementation. Points should also include any barriers to the implementation and how they were overcome, as well as the impact the project has had on the department.

The top three entries will be invited to deliver a presentation at an emergency medicine section meeting at the RSM and win £100.

Apply here

Paediatrics & Child Health Section: Sam Tucker Fellowship

Deadline: 4 April 2021

Open to individuals for whom less than 10 years have lapsed since they obtained their primary medical qualification, this fellowship awards £250 and an RSM membership for up to six years. The successful candidate(s) will become members of the Paediatrics & Child Health Section Council for two years.

Doctors who can demonstrate firm evidence of a commitment to a career in paediatrics and child health are invited to submit their CV and a signed covering letter from the proposer (a Paediatrics & Child Health Section member) to be considered for this fellowship. Any trainee not having a proposer could approach the Paediatric Section Council.

Apply here

Ophthalmology Section: Students and Trainees Prize

Deadline: 10 April 2021

Gain the opportunity to present your ophthalmology research work and case reports to a knowledgeable and critical audience at an RSM meeting and win £150 plus a year’s membership to the RSM. To apply, submit a 300-word abstracts on your research work. Papers accepted will be considered for publication in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Apply here

Oncology Section: Sylvia Lawler Prize – Clinical

Deadline: 12 April 2021

Open to all clinicians in training, who are invited to submit an abstract of 200-words on a clinical research project. Clinical research includes but is not limited to audit data, imaging studies and outcomes of surgical procedures. The top three presentations will win £250 and be invited to present to a panel of judges and the top presentation will be awarded the Sylvia Lawler prize.

Apply here

Cardiothoracic Section: Case Presentation Prize

Deadline: 15 April 2021

Submit a 250-word abstract on a cardiothoracic case presentation. The abstract can include figures, diagrams, and scans. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their paper at a Cardiothoracic meeting at the RSM.

Apply here

Sport & Exercise Medicine Section: Helal and Harries Prize

Deadline: 18 April 2021

Submit a 1500-word essay on the title ‘Innovative technology in event and expedition medicine’. The essay should focus on novel ideas and technologies, and their use in the context of providing medical cover for sporting events or expeditions.

Apply here

Dermatology Section: Hugh Wallace Essay Prize

Deadline: 29 April 2021

Dermatology registrars are invited to submit a dermatology paper that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last 12 months. First prize will win a cash sum of £250.

Apply here


Visit our prizes and awards page to view all upcoming prizes, awards and bursaries.

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