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RSM’s coronavirus support for healthcare professionals

With a reach and reputation respected across medicine and healthcare, from the junior to the most senior, the RSM is in a unique position to support UK healthcare during the unprecedented crisis represented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning in February 2020, as COVID-19 continued its sweep across the globe, the Society convened a meeting of key advisers in UK healthcare and law enforcement to discuss quarantine measures. Attending the meeting were senior personnel from Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care, the legal profession, police, academics. Alongside clinicians and practitioners specialising in vaccination, infectious disease, behavioural medicine and behaviour change, epidemiology, history, psychology and ethics.

Then, in March 2020, when the UK-wide COVID-19 lockdown came into force, the Society launched RSM Live. An online platform to enable the continued delivery of the RSM’s primary charitable activity of education and sharing learning for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Find out more about RSM Live and the Society’s associated activities in response to COVID-19.

Download a PDF about the RSM’s response to COVID-19.

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