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RSM life in the time of COVID-19

By Michele Acton

With coronavirus making its impact across the world, the RSM’s CEO Michele Acton here shares how the RSM is adapting to these changing times.

Michele Acton

For the last few weeks people around the UK took to their windows, balconies and doorsteps to celebrate and applaud our colleagues in the NHS dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. On behalf of the RSM I would like to add our message of gratitude and support to doctors and healthcare professionals working at the frontline here and all around the world.

In an interview on BBC Newsnight, our President, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, talked about the need to safeguard the mental health of medical professionals during the coronavirus pandemic, drawing on his experience of working with the military. You can hear Sir Simon talking to Emma Barnett on the BBC iPlayer (listen in from 31.55 mins).

Professor Sir Simon Wessely

At the RSM, we have been busy re-organising the way we work. With the temporary closure of 1 Wimpole Street all staff that can are now working from home – a big change for the organisation. We have also been working on developing the RSM education programme and new ways to deliver education content while we are unable to host in-person events.

Events that were due to take place up until the end of June have been re-scheduled to a later date, and the planning for the 2020-21 academic year is well under way. Look out for new events which will be posted on the RSM website as soon as the details have been agreed.

At the same time as providing education programmes from the Sections, we are also looking to develop new content and material relating to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first webinar focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic is raising difficult questions about end of life care, and how some frontline staff and care-givers are experiencing dilemmas they never expected to face. If you do have any ideas for educational activities or discussion topics (both related to the pandemic and otherwise) please do share them with our Dean, Dr Fiona Moss.

RSM Live webinars

A series of blogs and podcasts are also in production, and these will be shared with you to support your ongoing education and learning. In the meantime, there is a wealth of resources available for you to use via the RSM website. We sent out some information about how to use these but if you require any assistance then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the RSM library team.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support. More than ever it’s crucial that we make every effort to uphold the RSM’s mission to advance health through education and innovation. We need your help and encouragement to continue our endeavours.

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