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Impact factor increase for Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

The recent announcement of 2019 impact factors for academic journals revealed a significant increase for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. At 5.2 the JRSM impact factor is up from 3.5 in 2018.

Commenting on this success, Editor in Chief, Dr Kamran Abbasi, said: "JRSM's ranking in the world's top 20 general medical journals is a landmark and our highest ever ranking. It is important for the Society's journal to be known as a place for sound science and thoughtful debate across major specialties.

Indeed, the RSM's positioning of JRSM as an editorially independent journal that has a wider scope than the activities of the Society has helped us make this progress. I'm always happy to consider suggestions for articles from RSM Sections and RSM members, and I hope JRSM is now an even more attractive outlet for the many excellent educational events and lectures delivered at the RSM."

The journal has been publishing articles debating the many questions of clinical practice and health policy posed by COVID-19. A special collection of these papers is available free to access by following this link.

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