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Professor Haberal receives the RSM’s first Distinguished Fellowship

World-renowned surgeon Professor Mehmet Haberal was awarded the Royal Society of Medicine’s first Distinguished Fellowship on Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Created in 2008, the Distinguished Fellowship was established by the RSM Council to recognise exceptional people who have helped medicine. The fellowship can be given to both healthcare professionals and those who do not necessarily work within the sector but have been influential to its advancements.

Upon receiving the award, Professor Haberal commented: “The Royal Society of Medicine is one of the most distinguished societies not only in medicine, but in all of the sciences in the world. It is truly an honour for me to accept the Distinguished Fellowship and to become a part of the great tradition of the Royal Society of Medicine.”

He added: “The history of the Society as well as the many world-renowned fellows it has boasted since its establishment is a testament to the valuable contributions it has made to the study and practice of medicine through the years.”

Known for his pioneering work on kidney and liver transplantation, Professor Haberal became the first doctor to perform a kidney transplant from a living donor in Turkey in 1975, and was the first to carry out a kidney transplant from a cadaver in the late 70s.

Alongside his active career in organ transplantation and burn treatment, he was an early participant in the move to create private non-profit higher education institutions in Turkey by establishing Başkent University. The university is known throughout the country for its medical school, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and dialysis centres.

RSM President, B Sethia said: “It is a great pleasure and privilege to present Professor Mehmet Haberal with the Distinguished Fellowship of the RSM."

“Professor Haberal has forged an outstanding international surgical career and has also, as the founder and Rector of Başkent University, established one of the leading universities in Turkey. He has been a hugely influential surgical leader in the countries of central Asia and remains an inspiration to all those who work with him”.

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