About this event

  • Date and time Tue 4 Dec 2018 from 8:45am to 4:30pm
  • Location Royal Society of Medicine
  • Organised by RSM Professionals, The Nutrition Society

Explore how nutrition and lifestyle factors contribute to the development of Cardio-Metabolic Risk (CMR), and how modification of these factors can be used in practice as strategies to manage CMR, and reduce Cardio-Vascular Disease (CVD) risk.

Day one
On day one of the conference you will learn about the relevance of CMR to clinical practice and public health, the role of the amount and quality of dietary fats on CMR, and the impact of dietary fats on key metabolic tissues, including the liver, adipose tissue and skeletal muscle.

Day two
The second day of the conference will turn attention to the role of dietary carbohydrates; free sugars, resistant starches and fibre, and then broaden its remit to address the influence of whole dietary patterns, meal timing and drug therapy on CMR.

You will also have the chance to learn about new and innovative research in nutritional science from the UK and around the world.

Topics covered

  • Metabolic bases of CMR and how diet and lifestyle contribute to its development.
  • The impact of dietary fats and carbohydrates on CMR and key metabolic tissues
  • The impact of other lifestyle factors e.g. dietary patterns and meal timing on CMR.
  • How evidence-based nutritional science relating to CMR supports and translates into the development of practical and effective diet and lifestyle strategies for managing CMR and reducing CVD risk.


Day One 04 December 2018

Registration and refreshments

Milk provided by Oatly

Plenary Lecture

From syndrome X to cardiometabolic risk: Clinical and public health implications

Dr Jean-Pierre Després, Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Medicine and Scientific Director, Research Centre on Primary Care and Services, Université Laval, Québec City, Canada

Symposium One: Dietary Fatty Acids

Dietary dilemmas over fats and cardiovascular disease risk

Professor Julie A Lovegrove, Director, Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition and Deputy Director, Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, University of Reading, UK

Marine and plant-based n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vascular disease

Professor Erik Berg Schmidt, Professor, Department of Cardiology, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

The safety and efficacy of a well-formulated ketogenic diet in the management of type 2 diabetes and cardio-metabolic risk

Professor Stephen Phinney, Chief Medical Officer, Virta Health, San Francisco, California, USA

Panel discussion

Milk provided by Oatly

Original Communication Session One

Original Communication Session One

Oral Session: Guy Whittle Auditorium: OC01 - OC06/ Poster sessions: Seminar Suite: OC07 - OC17 and Training Suite: OC18 - OC28


Milk provided by Oatly

Symposium Two: Impact of dietary fatty acids on key metabolic tissues (fat deposits and muscle)

The influence of dietary fatty acids on liver fat content and metabolism

Professor Leanne Hodson, Professor of Metabolic Physiology and British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow in Basic Science, University of Oxford, UK

The impact of dietary fatty acids on regional and ectopic human adipose tissue

Dr Paul Petrus, Nutritionist, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Swede

Is there a role for omega 3 fatty acids in preventing sarcopenic obesity?

Dr Oliver C Witard, Senior Lecturer, University of Sterling, UK

Panel discussion

Keynote Lecture

The optimal diet – so many pieces to that pie!

Professor Eric Rimm, Harvard Medical School, USA

Drinks reception with street food

Open to all delegates

Day Two 05 December 2018

Registration and refreshments

Symposium Three: Dietary sugars, resistant starch and fibres

Free sugars

Professor Ian MacDonald, Professor of Metabolic Physiology, University of Nottingham, UK

Resistant starches and cardio-metabolic risk

Dr Denise Robertson, Reader in Nutritional Physiology, University of Surrey, UK

Fibre: Evidence, policy and practice

Dr Charlotte Evans, Associate Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition, School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds

Panel discussion

Original Communication Session Two

Original communications

Oral session: Guy Whittle Auditorium: OC29 - OC34/ Poster session: Training suite: OC35 - OC45


Symposium four: Lifestyle Factors

Dietary patterns and risk for cardiovascular diseases

Professor Antonis Zampelas, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

The role of nutrient timing in human health

Dr James Betts, Reader, University of Bath

Are current dietary guidelines relevant to subjects on cholesterol-lowering drugs?

Professor Andrew Salter, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, UK

Panel discussion
Summary and implications for dietary policy in the UK

Dr Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist, Diet, Obesity and Physical Activity, Public Health England

Close of meeting


Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AE, United Kingdom