About this event

  • Date and time Thu 27 Jun 2024 from 8:45am to 28 Jun 2024 at 5:00pm
  • Location Royal Society of Medicine
  • Organised by Radiology, British Society of Head and Neck Imaging

This joint meeting with the British Society of Head & Neck Imaging is one of the largest meetings at the Royal Society of Medicine. It brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts, including Radiologists and Clinicians, to promote a shared understanding of current and emerging diagnostic techniques to better inform clinical decision making.

By attending, you will:

  • Learn and consolidate up-to-date knowledge of imaging for orbital and cranial nerve pathologies
  • Be aware of the role, value and limitations of imaging in both the multi-disciplinary management of oropharyngeal cancer and in providing image-guided intervention in the Head & Neck
  • Understand the role of temporal bone imaging in guiding the management of external, middle, & inner ear diseases
  • Consolidate on imaging in hyperparathyroidism and apply knowledge of Head & Neck imaging in case-based discussions including the anterior neck, paranasal sinuses, orbits and salivary glands


BSHNI Annual Oral Presentation 

Prizes (Scientific & Educational presentations): 

  • First prize: £500 
  • Two Second prizes: £125 each

Open to: All delegates. The presenting author should register for the meeting. 

Application guidelines: Abstract submissions are invited for Scientific and Educational oral presentations based on any Head & Neck Imaging topic. The structured abstract should be no more than 250 words (excluding title, authors and references) and the best will be selected for oral presentation (6 minutes with 2 minutes for questions) at the BSHNI Annual Meeting on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June 2024. 

The shortlisted presenting author will receive a complimentary conference dinner invitation. 

Submission deadline: Sunday 12 May 2024, 11:59pm 

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RSM Fellow
Day 1 Day 2
£77.00 Day 1
£58.00 Dinner
£77.00 Day 2
RSM Associate
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£46.00 Day 1
£46.00 Day 2
RSM Retired Fellow
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£46.00 Day 1
£46.00 Day 2
RSM Trainee
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£46.00 Day 1
£46.00 Day 2
RSM Student
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£24.00 Day 1
£24.00 Day 2

Non - Member

Consultant / GP / SAS Doctors
Day 1 Day 2
£141.00 Day 1
£58.00 Dinner
£141.00 Day 2
AHP / Nurse / Midwife
Day 1 Day 2
£84.00 Day 1
£58.00 Dinner
£84.00 Day 2
Day 1 Day 2
£84.00 Day 1
£58.00 Dinner
£84.00 Day 2
BSHNI Member
Day 1 Day 2
£77.00 Day 1
£58.00 Dinner
£77.00 Day 2
BSHNI Trainee
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£46.00 Day 1
£46.00 Day 2
Day 1 Day 2
£58.00 Dinner
£44.00 Day 1
£44.00 Day 2

Key speakers

Dr Amy Juliano

Dr Amy Juliano

Head and Neck Radiologist

Director of Research and Academic Affairs

Program Director, Head and Neck Radiology Fellowship

Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Boston

Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School,

Boston, USA

Professor Bernard Schuknecht

Professor Bernard Schuknecht

Consultant Neuroradiologist,

University of Zurich and Dental School

Course Director of European Course in Head and Neck Neuroradiology

Medizinisch- Radiologisches Institut

Zürich, Switzerland


Day 1 - Thursday 27 June 2024

Registration, tea and coffee
Welcome and introduction

Dr Ravi Lingam, Consultant Radiologist, President, BSHNI 

Session 1: Orbital Imaging

Chair: Dr Jagrit Shah, Consultant Radiologist, Nottingham

Orbital compartmental anatomy and masses

Dr Sachin Mathur, Consultant Radiologist, Lancashire

Imaging of orbital inflammatory diseases

Dr Indran Davagnanam, Consultant Radiologist, London

Imaging of diplopia and ptosis: How do I approach this?

Dr Gillian Potter, Consultant Radiologist, Manchester

Panel discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 2: Inaugural Philip Anslow Commemorative Lecture

Chairs: Dr Ravi Lingam and Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Consultant Radiologist, Leicester

Inaugural introductory presentation

Dr Ram Vaidhyanath

Cranial nerve imaging revisited: Infection, inflammation and perineural spread

Professor Bernhard Schuknecht, Consultant Neuroradiologist, Zürich,  Switzerland

Panel discussion

BSHNI Oral Presentations

Chairs: Dr Reena Dwivedi, Consultant Radiologist, Edinburgh and Dr Liddy Ellis, Specialist Trainee in Radiology, Wales


Session 3: Multidisciplinary session: Oropharyngeal Cancer

Chair: Dr Alex Weller, Consultant Radiologist, London

Role of radiology in diagnosis and staging

Dr Alina Dragan, Consultant Radiologist, London

Trans-oral robotic surgery: How imaging can help

Mr Arun Takhar, Consultant H&N Surgeon, London

Old meets new: Radiotherapy and biological therapies for oropharyngeal cancer

Professor Kevin Harrington, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, London

Post-treatment imaging and recurrent disease

Dr Alina Dragan and Dr Siraj Yusuf, Consultant Radiologist, London

Panel discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 4: Imaging Guided Therapeutic Intervention in the Head and Neck

Chair Dr Andrew McQueen, Consultant Radiologist, Newcastle 

Ethanol ablation of benign thyroid and thoracic inlet cysts

Dr Steve Colley, Consultant Radiologist, Birmingham

Microwave ablation of benign thyroid nodules

Dr Husam Wassati, Consultant Radiologist, London

Ultrasound guided injection of Botolinium toxin

Dr Vincent Lam, Consultant Radiologist, Leicester 

Lymphovascular ablation in the head and neck

Dr Lakshmi Ratnam, Consultant Radiologist, London

Panel discussion
Close of meeting

BSHNI Annual General Meeting

Optional dinner

Pre-registration required

Day 2 - Friday 28 June 2024

Registration, tea and coffee
Introduction and RCR-BSHNI travelling professor presentation

Dr Elizabeth Loney, Consultant Radiologist, Yorkshire

Session 5: Temporal Bone Imaging

Chair: Dr Elizabeth Loney

Imaging ear infections and their complications: How do I approach this?

Dr Ravi Lingam

Imaging of conductive hearing loss with normal tympanic membrane

Dr Amy Juliano, Consultant H&N Radiologist, Boston, USA

Imaging of Meniere's Disease: Role and optimal technique and evaluation

Professor Bernhard Schuknecht, Consultant Neuroradiologist, Zürich, Switzerland

Panel discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 6: Peter Phelps Commemorative Lecture

Chair: Dr Ravi Lingam


Dr Ravi Lingam

Temporal bone imaging: Past, present, and future

Dr Amy Juliano

Panel discussion

Oral Presentations

Chairs: Dr Reena Dwivedi and Dr Liddy Ellis


Session 7: Hot topics debate: Imaging in Primary Hyperparathyroidism: What is the best initial modality of choice in localising parathyroid lesions?

Chair: Dr Salman Qureshi, Consultant Radiologist, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Case for nuclear medicine and ultrasound

Dr David Little, Consultant Radiologist, Bath 

Case for CT Parathyroid (including modified protocols)

Dr Simon Morley, Consultant Radiologist, London 

Questions and answers & panel discussion with speakers and RCR i-Refer panelist & Post debate Vote

Dr Kunwar Bhatia, Dr David Little and Dr Simon Morley   

Prize presentation for BSHNI Oral Presentation Prize Winners

Chairs: Dr Reena Dwivedi & Dr Liddy Ellis 

Tea and coffee break

Session 8: Interesting Cases Session: My Best Cases

Chair: Dr Neshe Sriskandan, Consultant Radiologist, London

Anterior neck

Dr Kunwar Bhatia, Consultant Radiologist, London

Paranasal sinuses

Dr Adrian Tang, Consultant Radiologist, Cheshire


Dr Sophia Otero, Consultant Radiologist, London

Salivary glands

Dr Chris Greenall, Consultant Radiologist, Cardiff

Panel discussion
Closing remarks

Dr Ravi Lingam

Close of meeting


Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AE, United Kingdom

Registration for this event will close on 26 June 2024.  Late registrations will not be accepted.

The agenda is subject to change at any time

If the event is recorded, we are only able to share presentations that we have received permission to share. There is no guarantee that all sessions will be available after the event, this is at the presenter’s and RSM’s discretion.

All views expressed at this event are of the speakers themselves and not of the Royal Society of Medicine, nor the speaker's organisations.

This event will be recorded and stored by the Royal Society of Medicine and may be distributed in future on various internet channels.

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