About this event

  • Date and time Thu 7 Dec 2023 from 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Location Online
  • Organised by Psychiatry

This is the on-demand version of the conference, the agenda addresses the urgent and sensitive issue of suicide in children and young people. This is a matter of great concern particularly as we now know from the latest National Confidential Inquiry report that the increase in suicide among young people in the general population is also reflected in those in contact with mental health services. The consequences are both tragic and long lasting, with impacts on families, communities and professionals alike.

The recording aims to provide a platform that offers diverse perspectives to inform and inspire initiatives aimed at enhancing understanding and care for children and young people who have lived experience of suicidality, and for the communities around them including the professionals in mental health and education who care for them. The agenda will explore research including updates from the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health and the implications for policy and practice, as well as addressing the concerns of professionals from educational institutions such as schools, further education colleges, and universities. Finally the agenda addresses the sustainable delivery of good quality mental health services for children and young people and their families, and the influence that a death by suicide may have on service delivery. Our panel of speakers includes professionals and academics from various backgrounds with a wealth of expertise, and juxtaposes these approaches with the views of people with lived experience of suicidality and loss from suicide.

The primary goal of this symposium is to facilitate meaningful dialogue among mental health, public health and education professionals, and broader stakeholders. This event provides a unique opportunity for informed discussion, knowledge sharing, and interactive dialogue on a wide range of issues related to this sensitive topic. Participants will gain fresh insights, enhancing their understanding of research as well as the practical realities of coping with systems and services after a suicide from both a professional and a personal perspective.

This is a pre-recorded event that will be available within seven days after the in-person event on Thursday 30 November 2023. Participants can access the recording for up to 60 days after the link has been made available.

Key benefits of tuning in to conference:

  • Professional development: Gain updated insights and knowledge in the field of youth suicide prevention and Postvention, regardless of your professional background.
  • Postvention strategies: Understand the importance of effectively addressing the aftermath of suicide incidents, fostering resilience and support in affected communities.
  • Support awareness: Learn about the crucial need to provide sustained support to individuals affected by suicide and some of the resources available.
  • Collaborative opportunities: Explore ways to bridge gaps between different sectors, including mental health professionals and school or university staff, promoting the exchange of ideas and perspectives, and contributing to a collective solution.
  • Public impact: Your participation actively contributes to raising public awareness about the vital importance of addressing suicide in children and young people and ensuring that the communities it affects are adequately supported, breaking a vicious circle perpetuating poor mental health, suicidality and self-harm.

We invite you to participate in the discussion. Your involvement could help pave the way toward creating a more sustainable supportive environment for our children and youth.


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This is a pre-recorded event that will be available within seven days after the in-person event on Thursday 7 December 2023. Registrants can access the recording for up to 60 days after the link has been made available.

Webinar recordings will be available for registered delegates up to 60 days after the live webinar, via Zoom. The link will be sent 24 hours after the webinar takes place.