About this event

  • Date and time Wed 8 May 2024 from 8:00am to 12 May 2024 at 6:00pm
  • Location Royal Society of Medicine
  • Organised by Plastic Surgery

Join us for the largest meeting on surgical and non-surgical aesthetic surgery being held in the UK. A multidisciplinary event with a stellar faculty of renowned National and International speakers. 

The meeting will take place over five days, each with a unique focus on the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery. We will explore and look in-depth at:   

  • Day 1: Body contouring and breast aesthetic surgery
  • Day 2: Advanced facial aesthetic surgery and a parallel session on non-surgical facial aesthetic surgery
  • Day 3: Advanced periorbital aesthetic surgery and a parallel session on rhinoplasty
  • Day 4 and Day 5: Dissection course in Coventry

Presenters and speakers will lecture using intraoperative videos of surgical techniques to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to develop their own practice. This meeting is externally managed by BAM, to register your attendance to the meeting or to find out more about what to expect, click here.

By attending the 3-day meeting at the RSM and the 2-days in Coventry, you will enhance your knowledge on:  

  • Advanced facial and body aesthetic surgery
  • Non-surgical facial aesthetics
  • Periorbital aesthetics and rhinoplasty

*Please note, we cannot guarantee catering.  


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View the programme - Day 1 (Wednesday 8 May 2024) Breast and Body


Guy Whittle Auditorium, Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London UK

Welcome and introduction

Muhammad Riaz & Shaliesh Vadodaria

Session 1: Brazilian Butt Lift

Chair: Jeyaram Srinivasan & Tariq Ahmad 

Introduction and controversies: Fat embolism - the procedure ban in U.K, the lessons learned

Omar Tillo

Complications of BBL and how to avoid them

Stefano Cotrufo

The science leading to a safe BBL procedure

Daniel Del Vecchio

Session 2: Breast aesthetics masterclass - Giovanni Botti

Chair: Khalid Khan & Shailesh Vadodaria

Breast augmentation: From macrotextured to smooth implants

Giovanni Botti

My 8 year's experience with ergonomic implants in breast augmentation

Giovanni Botti

Augmentation - Mastopexy

Giovanni Botti

Breast auto-prosthesis; 30 years of experience

Giovanni Botti

Optimising behaviour of implants soft plus through submuscular implantation technique

Julio Puig

Tea and coffee break

Session 3: Safety risk management of product liability of breast implant

Chair: Patrick Tansley & Umar Daraz Khan 

Safety in aesthetic surgery of the breast and body

Foad Nahai 

Breast implant illness / systemic symptoms associated with breast implants - SSAB

Foad Nahai

Recent updates on breast implant associated diseases ALCL SCC and others

Nora Nugent

Wisdom of breast implant surgery in view of medicolegal challenges

James Frame

Product liability and medical indemnity insurance

Nathan Edwards

Open house discussion

Saliesh Mehta

Lunch break

Session 4: Gynecomastia and abdominal contouring

Practical approach and surgical management of gynecomastia

Alex Karidis

Genesis and management of gynaecomastia in a standalone clinic

Shailesh Vadodaria

Lock and glue lipoambdominoplasty under twilight anaesthesia

CC Kat

Pearls of wisdom for satisfactory outcome in managing post massive weight loss reconstructive surgery

Mark Soldin

VASER liposuction for abdominal contouring

James McDiarmid 

Lipoedema: Understanding a complex disease

Vasu Karri 

Drainless abdominoplasty - a simplified approach

Medha Bhave

Clinsept+ the revolutionary skin prep and aftercare – Clinical health technologies sponsored

Ross Walker

Tea and coffee break

Recent advances in fat transfer Masterclass – Daniel Del Vecchio

Chair: Omar Tillo & Ashish Magdum

Intramuscular fat transfer

Daniel Del Vecchio

Fat grafting for breast aesthetics

Daniel Del Vecchio

Session 5: External genital aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic anatomy of female external genitalia

Paul Banwell

Wedge technique for labia minora reduction

Hagen Schumacher

Composite labia minora reduction

Paul Drake 

Medicolegal risk management in external genital aesthetic surgery

Simon Perkins 

Closing remarks
Close of meeting
View the programme Day 1 (Wednesday 8 May 2024) Business and Clinic Managment


Seminar Suite, Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London UK

Welcome and introduction

James McDiarmid & Tariq Ahmad

Session 1: Setting up aesthetic surgery clinic/hospital - a new solution of survival

Challenges and benefits of running my own aesthetic surgery hospital

Elena Prousskaia

Personal perspective of running an aesthetic surgery practice and a training centre in Italy

Giovanni Botti

Setting up a private hospital/clinic

Fulvivo Urso-Baiarda

Tips on developing a buisness plan for the financial viability and sustainability for private practice

Gary Monaghan

Was it worth developing my own hospital? Personal perspective

Hassan Shaaban

Lesson learnt from franchising our clinic

Faisal Arshad

Developing and building your practice; navigating through quagmire

Alex Kardis

Open house discussion
Tea and coffee break

Session 2: Managing complaints and litigation in aesthetic practice

Chair: James Wokes & Jamil Ahmed 

Minimising complaints and litigations in aesthetic surgery - surgeon's point of view - 40 years of personal experience

Mark Henley 

Minimising medicolegal litigation in aesthetic plastic surgery practice. Do's and don'ts in aesthetic practice to avoid complaints and litigation - legal perspective

Simon Perkins, Partner DAC Beachcroft 

Minimising complaints from GMC and CQC for aesthetic plastic surgery practice (surgeons & clinicans)

Tracy Sell-Peters 

Professional indemnity cover - a practicing aesthetic plastic surgeons perspective

Jeyaram Srinivasan

Open house discussion
Lunch break

Session 3: Indemnity and clinic insurance cover

Chair: Tim Brown & Patrick Tansley 

Tips for optimising indemnity cover for aesthetic surgeons and comprehensive cover for clinics

Joanna Staphnill 

Working with indemnity insurances brokers / underwriters to continue safe long-term survival in aesthetic plastic surgery profession

Nathan Edwards 

Navigating the minefield of insurance claims

David Williams 

Open house discussion

Session 4: NHS contracts for aesthetic clinics and VAT in aesthetic industry

Chair: James McDiarmid & Mark Henley 

Acquiring NHS contracts in aesthetic surgery clinic/hospitals

Stuart Andrews

Recent update on VAT and aesthetic plastic surgery/treatments in the UK

Veronica Donnelly 

Tea and coffee break

Session 5: CQC, Marketing & legislation

Chair: Ali Juma & Fulvio Urso-Baiarda

Getting the CQC registration

Martha Walker

Buying, selling and leasing clinics

Joshua Catlatt

Navigating the digital patient journey

Robb Stagg

Dos and don'ts of expert report writing - 45 years of personal experience

Hugh Henderson 

Open house discussion
Closing remarks
Close of meeting
View the programme - Day 2 (Thursday 9 May 2024) - Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Session 1

Welcome and introduction

Rana Das Gupta & Fateh Ahmed

Facelift anatomy

Adel Fattah

Deep plane anatomy: The segmental SMAS mode

Holger Gassner

Contemporary facelift: Milestones in evolution and improvement of technique

Tim Marten

Deep plane facelift: Foundations to finesse

Mike Nayak

Midface lift

Jonathan Britto

Tea and coffee break

Session 2

Chair - Lucian Ion & Jeyaram Srinivasan

Face lift without general anaesthesia

Nora Nugent

Fact, fiction, and fashion of facial dimple creation – 15 years of personal perspective

Shailesh Vadodaria

Face and neck: Lift my approach

Anthony McQuillan

Reclaiming identity: lessons learnt in facial burns reconstruction

Mamoon Rashid 

Lunch break
Welcome and introduction to the facial aesthetic surgery course – Egypt

Samir Ghoraba

Session 3

Chair - Rana Das Gupta & Nora Nugent

Deep neck lift: Defining anatomical problems and applying logical solutions

Tim Marten

Neck lift toolbox

Mike Nayak

Refinements in the deep plane face and neck

Dominic Bray 

Facial implants and their role in face lift rejuvenation

James McDiarmid 

E2E Transformative mobile sedation service improving patient experience and service delivery

Dr Swart

Management of facial nerve injuries following facelift surgery

Kallirroi Tzafetta

Tea and coffee break

Session 4

Chair - Kallirroi Tzafetta & Tariq Ahmad

My approach to face and neck lifting

Foad Nahai

The Auervaldt Net, face, brow and lip

Norman Waterhouse 

My experience of the Auersvaldt Net

Marc Pacifico

Round table discussion

Chair: Marc Pacifico & Jonathan Britto


Speakers: Tim Marten, Mike Nayak, Foad Nahai, Norman Waterhouse, Dominic Bray

Closing remarks
Close of meeting
View the programme - Day 2 (Thursday 9 May 2024) - Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetics

Academic Aesthetic Group - Face Eyes Nose (with section of Plastic surgery RSM)

Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London UK

Welcome address from the President of RSM

Professor Roger Kirby, President, Royal Society of Medicine 


Christopher Rowland Payne 

Session 1 - Applied anatomy, fillers and botulinum

Chair: TK Sankar & Ann Marie Olsen

The critical role of skeletal structure and definition

Souphiyeh Samizadeh

Essential facial anatomy for filling the face: ligaments, fat, compartments and vascular anatomy

Kallirrori Tzafetta 

Lip fillers in patients with malocclusion

Svetlana Larkin 

Essential anatomy for full face botulinum toxin injections

Tapan Patel

Facial botulinum toxin refinements

Christopher Rowland Payne 

Round table talk - Facial fillers and botulinum

Chair: Ann Marie Olsen 

Speakers: Tariq Ahmad, Ali Ghanem, Svetlana Larkin, Sofiane Rimouche, Stephen Mulholland, Tapan Patel, Christopher Rowland Payne, Hazim Sadideen, TK Sankar, Dominic Yue 

Tea and coffee break

Session 2 – Non-surgical lifting & peels

Chair: Dominic Yue & Christopher Rowland Payne 

Thread lifting

Anna Marie Olsen

Face lifting by electromagnetic stimulation

Ali Ghanem 

Plasma facelift: PRGF in facial aesthetic an update

Rajan Sharma

Chemical peels in my practice

Tariq Ahmad 

The role of regenerative treatments in facial aesthetics

Sofiane Rimouche

Lunch break

Session 3 - Energy based devices and managing the challenging patient

Chairs: Christopher Rowland Payne & Souphiyeh Samizadeh 

Lasers in facial aesthetics

TK Sankar 

Why use Radiofrequency in your practice

Stephen Mulholland

How to manage the difficult patient - Live feed

Paul Nassif (online)

Bio stimulation – the next step

Hazim Sadideen

Question and answers
Tea and coffee break

Session 4 – Complications and their management

Chair – TK Sankar & Ann Marie Olsen

Managing hair transplant complications

Greg Williams

Avoiding and managing complications of fillers

Dominic Yue

Panel discussion: Managing complications of non-surgical aesthetics 

Chair: Christopher Rowland Payne 

Panel: Tariq Ahmad, Ravi Jain, Stephen Mulholland, Ann Marie Olsen, Svetlana Larkina, Tapan Patel, Souphiyeh Samizadeh, TK Sankar, Rajan Sharma, Greg Williams, Dominic Yue 

Close of meeting
View the programme - Day 3 (Friday 10 May 2024) - Facelift and oculoplastic surgery

Session 1

Welcome and introduction

Rana Das Gupta & Fateh Ahmed 

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of the facelift patient

Lucian Ion

Otoplasty: without relapse or complications

Giovanni Botti

Complications of Blepharoplasty

Giovanni Botti

A psychology app for the assessment of the cosmetic facelift patient

Lars Hansen

Midface and lower eyelid, using deep plane

Dominic Bray

Browlift: My two current favourite techniques and three methods of suspension

Mike Nayak

Tea and coffee break
Electric coaches to Coventry

For those registered to Day 4

Session 2

Chair - Tariq Ahmad & Jeya Prakash

Endoscopic brow and midface lift

Foad Nahai

Upper lip lift – why and how

Tim Marten

Oculoplastic surgery – an overview

Ted Wojno

Lunch break
My investment in 2D/3D imaging – an essential in support of my patient journey

Session 3

Chair - Saj Ataullah & Jonathan Britto

Upper lid blepharoplasty

Simon Woodruff

Lower lid blepharoplasty

Saj Ataullah

Canthopexy and Canthoplasty

Austin McCormack

Festoons and malar bags correction

Giovanni Botti

Fillers, Fact & Fiction; Novel concepts in avoiding and managing complications

Dan Ezra (online)

New insights in avoiding and managing post blepharoplasty retraction

Raman Malhotra

Tea and coffee break

Session 4

Ted Wojno & Simon Woodruff

Fat grafting in eyelid surgery

Tim Marten

Round table discussion - How do I manage complications in peri-orbital surgery

Chair: Jonathan Britto


Speakers: Saj Ataullah, Tim Marten, Raman Malhotra, Dan Ezra, Austin McCormack, Ted Wojno, Simon Woodruff

Close of meeting
Electric Coaches to Coventry
View the programme - Day 3 (Friday 10 May 2024) - Rhinoplasty surgery

Session 1

Chair - David Izadi & Shahz Ahmed

Welcome and introduction

Chairs: Mr Shahz Ahmed and Mr David Izadi

Assessment of rhinoplasty patients

Heshem Saleh

Basics in endonasal rhinoplasty

Alwyn D'Souza

Basics in septorhinoplasty

Alwyn D'Souza

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of the rhinopasty patient

Lucian Ion 

Psychological app for the assessment of the cosmetic rhinoplasty patient

Lars Hansen

Tea and coffee break

Session 2

Chair - Fateh Ahmed & Rajan Uppal

Endonasal solutions for all scenarios – lessons from 3000 cases

Holger Gassner

Closed rhinoplasty is back

Giovanni Botti

Structural rhinoplasty using auricular cartilage

Hossam Foda

Lunch break
Welcome and introduction to the facial aesthetic surgery course – Egypt

Samir Ghoraba

Session 3

Chair - Hossam Foda & Alwyn D’Souza

Septal perforation management

Shahz Ahmed

Management of anterior septal deviations

Heshem Saleh

Preservation rhinoplasty and how it has affected the modern approach

Charles East

Safe and effective techniques in rhinoplasty

Sureyya Seneldir

Preservation rhinoplasty and preventing sequalae

Rajan Uppal

Lengthening and shortening the nose for facial harmony

Alwyn D’Souza

Tea and coffee break

Session 4

Chair - David Izadi & Rajan Uppal

Hybrid preservation rhinoplasty with modified dorsal split

Enrico Robotti

Avoiding complications following nasal based reduction

Hossam Foda

Round table discussion - Preservation or open structural rhinoplasty?

Chair: Rajan Uppal


Speakers: Enrico Robotti, Hossam Foda, Charles East, Heshem Saleh, Alwyn D’Souza

Close of meeting
Electric Coaches to Coventry


Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AE, United Kingdom


The agenda is subject to change at any time.

If the event is recorded, we are only able to share presentations that we have received permission to share. There is no guarantee that all sessions will be available after the event, this is at the presenter’s and RSM’s discretion.

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