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  • Date and time Tue 18 Jun 2024 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location Online
  • Organised by Patient Safety

Join us for an informative webinar led by two expert individuals, formerly doctors and now seasoned clinical negligence solicitors, dedicated exclusively to advocating for patients' rights. Together, they will delve into a series of case studies highlighting instances where errors resulted in patient harm. Through insightful analysis, the webinar will explore the root causes behind these errors and assess whether they point to systemic issues within clinical practice that warrant attention for the betterment of patient safety.

By attending, you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding and awareness of the consequence of errors and omissions in the delivery of patient care
  • Learn to evaluate your own / local practice to improve the delivery of safe care

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Key speakers

Dr Jock Mackenzie

Medical Negligence Solicitor, Anthony Gold Solicitors

Speaker's biography

Mr Jock Mackenzie is a dual-qualified doctor and solicitor.  After he qualified as a solicitor, he also continued to work as a doctor part-time at St. Bartholomew’s until 2004. 


He has a broad clinical negligence practice and, due to his background as a hospital physician, he has a particular interest and expertise in cases involving complex medicine and rare medical conditions, general internal medicine and intensive care. Much of his work focuses on cases involving brain injury (adults and children), neurological, neurosurgical, and spinal injuries.  


Jock is a regular speaker at the Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference. 


Jock also lectured on medical malpractice at the combined Royal College of Surgeons/Harvard Medical School Surgical Leadership Program (SLP) in London in October 2022 and has been invited back to speak again on the Program in October 2024. 

Dr James Piers

Medical Negligence Solicitor, Anthony Gold Solicitors

Speaker's biography

Dr James Piers was a doctor before he became a solicitor.  He now practices exclusively in the field of clinical negligence. 


While his legal expertise is focused on spinal cord injury cases, he also has a special interest in cases that involve complex medicine and surgical errors, and the management of critically ill patients. 


While working in the NHS, his medical practice involved surgical fields, in particular orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery, and also included emergency medicine, cardiology and intensive care. 


Alongside his legal practice, James regularly gives training on medicolegal report writing to senior doctors wishing to become expert witnesses and he has been asked to speak on issues of medical law and patient safety at various professional conferences. 


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Welcome and introduction

Dr James Piers, Council Member, Patient Safety Section, Royal Society of Medicine

When things go wrong: Patient safety and medicolegal experience

Dr Jock Mackenzie, Medical Negligence Solicitor, Anthony Gold Solicitors

Question and answers
Close of meeting



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