About this event

  • Date and time Fri 16 Sep 2022 from 9:30am to 4:00pm
  • Location Online
  • Organised by Patient Safety

This is a live stream. To attend this event in-person, please click here.

This live stream will help participants appreciate some of the key medico-legal issues that impact upon GPs/primary care. The overarching aim is to improve patient safety in both primary and secondary care via learning from incidents and better understanding the indemnity provisions in place for GPs/primary care and how that feeds back into learning.

The purpose of this meeting is to review and promote an understanding of recent legal and regulatory developments, with a specific emphasis on inquests, clinical negligence and incidents in the primary care sector, and their impact upon patient safety. Additionally, we will also consider the issues that those in secondary care should also be aware of.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn about the role of Coroners (and Inquests) and what GPs and those working in primary need to do to prepare and actively learn from deaths.
  • Gain insight into the role of Medical Examiners and how they will impact upon primary care.
  • Be informed about the support (including education and training) available to General Practitioners in dealing with medico-legal issues and how to access practical support (e.g. via the Medical Defence Organisations) when necessary.
  • Find out about the role of NHS Resolution and the Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs (CNSGP) and their impact upon GPs and patient safety.
  • Hear about the developments in learning from incidents in primary care, including feedback from the CQC regarding best practice and areas for improvement.



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Session 1

Chair: Dr Andrew Papanikitas

Welcome and introduction
Care Quality Commission perspectives of learning from incidents in primary care

Dr Tim Ballard, National Clinical Advisor for General Practice, Digital, Independent Primary Medical Services and Environmental Sustainability

Learning from incidents in primary care

Dr Andrew Carson-Stevens, General Practitioner and Clinical Reader in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Division of Population Medicine, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Panel discussion
Comfort break
Clinical Negligence Scheme for general practitioners - what is it, how does it work, how does this impact on general practitioners and patients?

Dr Anwar Khan, Senior Clinical Advisor, Safety and Learning Team, NHS Resolution and General Practitioner, Ellen Nicholson, National Safety and Learning Lead, NHS Resolution and General Practitioner

Panel discussion

Session 2

Chair: Mr Ed Glasgow, President Elect, Patient Safety Section, Royal Society of Medicine

Chair's welcome

Mr Ed Glasgow, President Elect, Patient Safety Section, Royal Society of Medicine

Coroners' inquests and general practitioners - what to expect, how to prepare and the impact on patient safety

Mr Graeme Irvine, Her Majesty's Acting Senior Coroner for East London

Support for general practitioners in getting it right for patients

Dr Helen Carr, Medical Director, NHS Practitioner Health

Medical examiners and the impact on primary care

Dr Alan Fletcher, National Medical Examiner, NHS England and Wales

Panel discussion
Closing remarks
Close of meeting