About this event

  • Date and time Wed 18 Sep 2024 from 8:30am to 21 Sep 2024 at 5:00pm
  • Location Royal Society of Medicine
  • Organised by Partner Symposium

The Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA) London 2024 meeting will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine on Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 September 2024. 

There will be a pre-congress day, a nurses' training day, as well as a 2-day scientific meeting. We will also deliver an opportunity to complete the practical part of the RECOVER Rescuer certification.

The social programme is in development and will include iconic London venues, including the Tower of London - worthy of a 60th birthday celebration! The academic programme showcases major developments in veterinary anaesthesia since the foundation of the AVA and looks towards the future of our specialty. The academic programme will be delivered in a hybrid manner and recorded to allow as many colleagues as possible to participate from across the globe. 

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View the provisional programme - Wednesday 18th (Nurses Day) - In person only

Is blood pressure really that important?

Fran Downing 

Monitoring the cardiovascular system effectively VTS

Jen Busby 

Cardiovascular physiology made easy VTS

Jen Busby

Pathology caused by anaesthesia/surgery ECVAA/ACVAA

Oscar Bautista Diaz-Delgado

Pre-emptive management VTS

Jen Busby

Intraoperative management ECVAA/ACVAA

Oscar Bautista Diaz-Delgado

Lunch break
When the blood drains out VTS

Jannette Bailey-Woods 

When the blood drains out ECVAA/ACVAA

Oscar Bautista Diaz-Delgado

The crusty geriatric cat VTS

Janette Bailey-Woods

The crusty geriatric cat ECVAA/ACVAA

Oscar Bautista Diaz-Delgado

Cardiac interventions (FD/FN)

Fran Downing 

Sepsis laid bare VTS

Janette Bailey-Woods

Sepsis laid bare ECVAA/ACVAA

Fran Downing 

Discussion and closing remarks
View the provisional programme - Wednesday 18th (Recover Rescuer Day Workshop)


Workshop Speakers: Aurora Zoff, DVM CertAVP(VA) DiplACVAA MRCVS & Samantha Thompson

For any questions related to recover certification, please contact: aurorazoff@yahoo.it 

Tea and coffee Break
ALS Workshop (2 Scenarios)
Lunch break
Tea and coffee break
ALS certification (2 Scenarios)
ALS certification
View the provisional programme - Wednesday 18th (Pre-Congress Day)

Legislation, the cascade and ethical dilemmas - helpful or hinderance

Kate Walters 

Physics and pharmacology of anaesthetic agents

Professor Nicholas Franks 

Sustainability and the carbon footprint, inhalational or injectables?

Ellie West

Injectables and TIVA. Are volatiles out?

Professor Freddie Corletto

Pharmacokinetics and modelling: optimising intravenous drug administration

Professor Ludovic Pelligand

Writing scientific papers: top tips for avoiding the pitfalls in publication, quiz the experts.

Professor Jennie Hunter, Professor Daniel Pang and Doctor Imogen Schofield 

Close of meeting

Optional: Welcome drinks and canapes reception at the Reveller, Tower of London

Hosted at The Tower of London 

View the provisional programme - Thursday 19th (Main Congress Day 1)

Registration tea and coffee

Session 1: 60 Years of Anaesthesia

Opening Welcome

Louise Clark 

Leslie Hall Memorial Lecture: 60 Years of Progress in Anaesthesia

Professor Jennie Hunter

Leslie Hall Memorial Lecture: 60 Years of Progress in Veterinary Anaesthesia

Professor Ron Jones

Presentation celebrating the contributions to 60 years of Veterinary Anaesthesia

John Hird, Eddie Clutton & Mark Senior 


Session 2: Opioids, then and now what has changed?

The rise and fall of opioids

Jane Quinlan

An opioid free future?

Patrice Forget 

Panel discussion

Jane Quinlan & Patrice Forget

Lunch break

Session 3: Green theatre Initiative: The future

Green Theatre Initiative: The future

Mathieu Raillard 

The Kate Borer-Weir Memorial Lecture CEPEF - What we knew then and what we know now

Miguel Gozalo Marcilla

Session 4: Poster session

Poster Session and refreshment break

Session 5: Cardiothoracic anaesthesia, a developing speciality

Cardiothoracic anaesthesia: History and the future

Sibs Anwar

Cardiothoracic in Veterinary Anaesthesia: Developing a speciality

Professor Freddie Corletto

Panel Discussion

Sibs Anwar & Freddie Corletto

Close of meeting

Optional: Conference Gala Dinner and Dancing

Hosted at BMA House

View the provisional programme - Friday 20th (Main Congress Day 2)

Registration tea and coffee

Session 1: The future of wellbeing

Effects of shift work and sleep

Dr Neil Stanley

Research on consecutive nights of sleep deprivation on perfromance

Paul Hough

Panel discussion

Speakers to be confirmed 

Chronic Insomnia

Dr David O'Reagan

Dog behaviour and sleep

Carrie Tooley 

Panel discussion

David O'Reagan & Carrie Tooley 

Lunch break
Oral presentation of winning posters

Session 2: Renal

The role of biomarkers in assessing the renal effects of anaesthesia

Dr Jennifer Davis 

Controversies in the use of NSAIDs in dogs and cats

Dr Matthew Wun

Panel discussion

Session 3: Lactate, utilising the numbers

Lactate in veterinary anaesthesia versus human use

Mark Homer

Lactate - session to be confirmed

Dr Mark Edwards

Panel discussion

Speakers to be confirmed 

Presentation 2025 meeting
Close of meeting
View the provisional programme - Saturday 21st (International Association for the Study of Pain)

Abstract information

  • The abstract deadline will be June 18th 2024
  • Submissions will be via the AVA website NOT this one.
  • AVA Abstracts | AVA Abstracts
  • Submission platform will be live on the 4th May - please do not attempt to submit beforehand as the Editor is dealing with submissions for Baden.

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Registration tea and coffee
Welcome and introduction

Nick Andrews, IASP NHP-SIG President Salk Institute for Biological Studies, CA, USA

Does a brain make a difference? Role of the central nervous system in perception and how to assess cerebral actitvity

Suzan Meijs, Aalborg University, Denmark 

How does the nervous system handle pain across the life? Neuroplasticity in the developing and aging nervous system

Gareth Hathway, University of Nottingham, UK 

Tea and coffee break
Husbandry practices and consequences on nociceptive sensitivity – Part I: Painful management procedures in piglets: evidence of long-term nociceptive/pain sensitivity?

Catherine Williams, Aarhus University, Denmark 

Husbandry practices and consequences on nociceptive sensitivity – Part II: Consequences of disbudding on indicators of pain and changes in nociceptive sensitivity in bovine or caprine.

Claudia Spadavecchia, University of Bern, Switzerland 

Lunch break
Human / veterinary interventions and consequences on nociceptive sensitivity

Eric Troncy, GREPAQ Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada 

Afternoon activites
Research oral presentations
Poster presentation with jury and students to present
Workshop on quantitative sensory testing (QST)
Tea and coffee break
Round table discussion: Neuroplasticity and memory of pain: Are we doing enough?

Nick Andrews & further speakers 


Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AE, United Kingdom